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5 Life Changing Habits

With the world moving so fast since the turn of the 21st century, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. You need self-development, and this can only be brought about by habits that contribute to your mental and physical health. This article touches on 5 life changing habits that will cement a positive masculine life.

This is not the first time we touch on this subject, in fact. We strongly believe habits can either make you or break you. And looking ahead to the end of this interesting 2020—a turgid year—one has to ask themselves, “Has my life improved?” “Have things really changed for the better?” If your answer is no, there is a strong chance that you are living life the wrong way. That brand new feeling is something many men have never truly experienced since their pubertal years.

So, how do we change that? How, as men, do we become better versions of ourselves? The answer is simple: by taking on habits that contribute positively to our overall health. What are these life changing habits that you need to practice; why are they so important; and how can you successfully form these habits.

Prioritize Fitness and Exercise

Okay, why is fitness important? You may not notice it, but with each passing year, your body’s metabolism slows down. When that happens, your immune system takes a significant hit and becomes less resistant to diseases. The only way to combat this is to remain fit. In other words, exercise.

By fitness here, we mean resistance training—lifting weights. As a man, you need certain levels of progression in fitness. Muscular-wise, you need to grow; doing so is basically nature’s minimum requirement for a man to thrive. Everything about your physical frame should be optimized to perfection.

And you can start right away. It’s up to you to choose where you exercise; either at home or in the gym; what sort of workouts to participate in such as bodyweights, jogging, Crossfit, playing sports, etc. Whatever exercises you engage in, however, you need to progress muscularly and mentally. These are the rules of fitness. Take inspiration from aged men in their 50s and 60s still working out—the health benefits of exercise are second to none.

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Get some fitness in brother!

Practice Proper Nutrition

The phrase, “you are what you eat” is very true. Good nutrition is super important to your physical and mental health. Getting good food isn’t really difficult; you just have to visit the grocery store regularly. You also have to pay attention to the caloric content in the food you eat, regardless of your dietary plan.

Now, the problem with eating healthy is that people don’t stop to think about what they put in their mouths. In the modern world, there is a worldwide craving for easy, fast, and accessible junk food; food with enormous proportions of calories manufactured solely for the pleasure of eating and not for the benefits of nutrition. What does this mean? It means you have to eat clean and ditch junk food.

Why, because eating clean is much more beneficial to your overall health as a man. If you have the funds to eat clean, you should do so. Also, if you can’t cook; learn how to. This way, you can take better control of your nutrition, and in the long run, preserve your health. So rather than eating processed food like hamburgers, pizza slices, carton milk, etc.; head over to the grocery store, buy fresh food like vegetables, and make something nice for yourself at home.

The benefits of a healthy diet cannot be overstated. Eat clean.

Intermittent Fasting

Still, on weight loss and healthy living, fasting is another way to achieve your fitness goals. You’re probably wondering, “Why in the hell would I fast?” While fasting may sound like an age-old practice, it is still very effective in today’s world, especially with the mass production of junk food circulating the country right now.

How does fasting help? Well, for one, fasting helps you schedule eating periods. Having select times in a day for food and nutrition helps you focus on other things. Fasting not only keeps you trimmed, weight-wise, but it also keeps you alert and lengthens your attention span. A fasted regime not only helps you work out better and reduce weight, but it also gives you mental clarity and increases the production of growth hormones like testosterone, making you a lot more masculine.

How long should I fast? You can break down fasting periods over three-quarters of your day, i.e. 16 hours of fasting. But we advise that you start small and build your way up. Do not overdo fasting however; fasting for more than a day may cause medical ramifications.

Join the No Fap Movement

Heard of the No Fap movement? In fact, we wrote an entire article on it. Check it out here. NoFap simply means no stroking of the phallus—no masturbation whatsoever. With the increasing awareness of porn on the internet, many men have been sucked into this mindless addiction of getting off whenever they can. It’s dehumanizing, especially for men.

It’s not an alley secret that porn continues to destroy many relationships—but that’s not our focus here. On the topic of ‘self-development’, masturbation, especially affiliated with porn watching, greatly decreases the life force energy of man. Yes, fapping drains your energy.

By joining the no Fap movement, you can preserve a lot of your energy, and divert that same drive into chasing your goals, careers, and, eventually, financial success. Give it a try today; close the window to porn forever, abstain from all things sexual; you will feel more energetic as time passes.

Early Rising (with Meditation)

We have 24 hours in a day; why on Earth would you wake up at 11am man??

“But I’m a night owl.” No, you’re not; neither should you be. As humans, our major energy source is the sun. We were created to rise with the sun, not the other way around. The moment between sunrise and complete sunset should be our waking hour.

That’s what sunrise signifies: a wake-up call from the bed. If you’re the type who sleeps in late and wakes up at noon the next day, ensure to change your sleeping cycle immediately. You want to maximize the full length of your day and not spend valuable hours chasing the hours.

Early rising, what are the rules? Usually, you should wake when there is some semblance of light in the atmosphere. 3am or 4am is way too early; 5am to 7am is the perfect sunrise timeframe; these should be the moments you wake from sleep. What’s more: when you combine early rising with meditation and yoga, you awaken the chi in your mind, body, and soul; preparing you for the long day ahead.

5 Life Changing Habits

By practicing these life-changing habits, you can live a healthier and happier life. To cement these habits into your daily routine, we advise that you make it social. You can do that now by sharing your experience with us. How is it going so far?


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