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5 Ways To Increase Your Manhood


No, not that type of “manhood”. Let’s talk about Testosterone, it is essentially what makes us men. However, the world today comes with so much pleasure that we often overindulge in many emasculating activities. Even to the point of ridiculing masculinity and labeling it toxic masculinity. Whether that’s fapping, gaming for hours gaming or simply not hitting the gym enough, or unhealthy eating habits, testosterone levels could take a significant hit. In this piece, we show you 5 solid ways to increase your manhood.

With so many men out there being comfortable in ‘feminine shells’, it’s hard to look past the problems of modern-day society. Most men are simply not good at being men anymore. Or even good at being good men. The reason why is due to the men’s increasingly diminishing testosterone level. Today, we’ve got men walking around with lean biceps; men in skirts; men painting their nails, and whatnot. And it all just seems to emasculate considering how much our world depends on the sheer power of men.

Toss that toxic masculinity propaganda out the window; we need our men back. There’s simply no reason for any male person to have a low testosterone level. It is literally a man’s life force. So you’re probably sitting there, phone in hand or laptop on your lap, wondering, “Am I masculine enough?” Sure, anyone born with a penis and two balls (hopefully) knows how important testosterone is. But how many people actually put in the effort to build this beautiful life force? Not many.

This is why we’ve compiled 5 proven ways that you can use to boost your testosterone levels and increase muscle growth at the same dam’ time!

Lift Heavy S**t: Do It!

It is what men have always done since the beginning of time. There is a reason why men handle the most physical jobs in the world; including construction, farming, engineering, etc. It somewhat comes with the territory. We are built differently than women, with our muscles naturally designed to do the heavy lifting—literally. This is simply a scientific fact. According to studies, there is a positive relationship between lifting weights and testosterone levels. No wonder you feel so energized after some dumbbell reps; it’s just very reinvigorating.

With that being said, not all exercises directly influence testosterone in men. But by doing a lot of weight training activities like squats, deadlifts, bench press, dumbbell rolls, etc., your body instantly releases a high amount of testosterone that leaves you feeling strong and muscular. It’s really not rocket science; when you lift heavy stuff; you’re breaking down your muscles, and releasing extra testosterone, which gives you a more masculine frame than ever before.

Next time you feel emasculated, hit the gym hard, do some heavy lifting and just get that testosterone and muscle mass levels up!

Practice Proper Diet: Eat Lots of Protein


No brainer, but eating balanced meals can help your testosterone levels. Your body needs certain types of nourishment to truly blossom. That being said, you need to pay more attention to the foods you eat, what they contain and how they contribute to muscle mass. In this case, you’ll want to stock up on protein. Why? Because protein is the building block of muscles. Eating proper amounts of natural protein is one of the best ways to increase your manhood. It is primal.

You know those really fit guys on magazine covers, with biceps the size of an infant’s head; yup, those guys gobble a whole lot of protein. Therefore, when participating in regular strength training, you need to eat an adequate amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass and build your testosterone levels. Protein shakes are also great for muscle building.

Healthy fats are also critical for your testosterone levels. Eating heart-healthy fats like fatty fish (salmons, sardines), vegetable oils, and avocados can increase your muscle strength and boost your immune system. Sure, we know what you’ve heard about fat, but several healthier fats like these greatly enhance your testosterone levels, especially after a rigorous exercise.

Carbs; but hold on a second; aren’t carbs bad? No, they’re not. Carbs are essential for energy and are necessary for maintaining muscle mass. It’s true; to have properly defined muscles, you’ll need to fill your body with the much-needed glucose and glycogen. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about balancing your diet and not eating too extreme, but eating with purpose. We call it intentional nutrition. Educate yourself.

Get Good Sleep: Sleep More

When you sleep, your body does a lot of work. Effectively sleep it’s one of the most vital ways to increase your manhood. Our body mainly operates on static energy, you don’t move around much when you sleep. While asleep, your blood circulation increases, as cells pass around much-needed nutrients to all parts of your body. This makes a solid rest after weight lifting vital to muscle mass.

Okay, sleeping more; what does it mean? Anything more than 5 hours of sleep is absolutely beneficial to your overall health. Why? Because a study showed a 50% decrease in testosterone levels in men who slept only 5 hours a night—not good. The less sleep you get, the more your cortisol levels rise (stress); and when this happens, your testosterone crashes. And when testosterone crashes, say goodbye to body mass. So to avoid all this, get good sleep every day, no matter what.

Manage Stress & Cortisol Levels

Guys, you have to chill out. Why? Because there is an actual correlation between cortisol levels (stress) and catabolic effects on your body. Stress is a killer in so many ways. Simply put, catabolic, in other words, destructive metabolism; is 100% bad for you. There are so many risk factors of catabolism in the body such as unexplained weight loss, visible muscle mass loss, low energy, and an inability to gain weight even after significant calorie intake.

Managing stress and cortisol levels is one of the key ways to increase your manhood.

Yup, high cortisol levels are extremely bad for you. The best way to lower cortisol levels and boost testosterone levels is to fill in gaps in your nutrition with loaded vitamins A, B, and C. You should also cut down on caffeine, know your weightlifting limits and just chill out man.

Reduce Alcohol & Drug Consumption

Yes, and that includes the devil’s lettuce. Sure, you can do whatever you want, but if you really want to build those muscles and boost your testosterone levels, you really need to do away with the alcohol and drugs. Or at the very least minimize consumption. Research has shown as you smoke weed, take drugs and consume alcohol, your testosterone takes a hit. It may not be visible right now, but over time, these substances do take a toll on your overall body system—bad.

Now an occasional drink or indulgence isn’t a big deal, but if you’re the type that regularly does these things, chances are you’ll lose a lot of testosterone. Your body fat will eventually go up and protein breakdown increases making it super difficult to build muscles. Hence, if you’re serious about boosting your testosterone, lay off any harmful substances.

Increase Your Manhood

Nothing’s sexier than a masculine man, with fine muscles and a healthy lifestyle. Your testosterone levels really influence your level of happiness. Not only that; building muscles makes you feel good, strong, and confident. To summarize the ways to increase your manhood, get out of your comfort zone, lift some weights, eat good, chill out, sleep more, and stay away from harmful substances; you’ll see the results in no time.

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If you suspect your testosterone levels are low, please visit your preferred physician. But here is a great article about signs of low levels of testosterone.

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