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8 Tips To Eating Healthy While Traveling


Traveling is super fun especially when you’ve got cash to burn. But in a country where the most common restaurants are fast-food spots, it’s easy to fall into bad eating habits. Eating on the road has been made easier due to the rising foodie culture. So we decided to share a few tips on eating healthy while traveling.

One of the best things about traveling is that you get to eat a variety of new and delicious foods which you don’t see very often. Whether you’re flying across the world or simply traveling locally, the opportunity to eat new meals is a great source of joy and excitement. Food is a souvenir we can’t bring back home with us from a trip. It’s something to be enjoyed—a new wave of freedom.

It’s easy to get loose and binge-eat your way to ill health. We all know the feeling too well. Eating the wrong meals too much at a time, for many days in a row can lead to a number of problems. By eating unhealthily, a person may feel languid, dehydrated, bloated, or may even have headaches from a hangover. Top these up with the jet lag, and you may just end up getting sick… on a trip.

On the other hand, people with certain food restrictions may fair better. However, in a foreign place, finding food that is good for you can lead to frustration. Are you doomed then? No, you just have to be a lot smarter when selecting food preferences. The good news is you can make easy food choices that will keep you healthy and energized while away from your regular routine. Outlined below are simple eating tips to ensure you make the best of your trips.

1. Plan Meticulously

The major problem we face when we travel is that we are out of routine. As a result, eating at irregular times will be somewhat inevitable, and eating healthy while traveling usually goes off the rail. We may many times lose appetite, but going long hours without eating anything will only worsen things. Not eating for long hours slows metabolism and makes your body tired and sluggish, desperately clinging to calories. This can send your brain into panic mode, enabling you to eat high-sugar or fried food.

To avoid these energy lapses, you need to keep your blood sugar levels stable. In other words, you need to eat a little bit of food every couple of hours while moving around. Foods you should target are those high in lean protein and other suitable nutrients. Stack up on healthy snacks like hard-boiled eggs, nuts, fruits, veggies, or a nut bar.

Before actually arriving at your destination, look up restaurants within your hotel area. Peruse menu selections and see what’s available. Upon arrival, you could use apps like TripAdvisor to locate healthier restaurants in the area.

2. Use The Grocery Store

A lot of travelers neglect the healthy act of food shopping, but would rather overspend on garbage fast food meals. Think about it, you spend even more money on junk food that can’t even last two days. You’re better off visiting the grocery store. These supermarkets can be your best friend on a trip. You can still indulge in foodie adventures, especially if you budget well, but eating out every day may not only be expensive but potentially unhealthy.

Locate grocery stores next to your hotel. A local food co-op works as well. Here, you can get easy and affordable access to fresh produce as well as healthy snacks. At a grocery store, you can get gluten-free and dairy-free foods at a reasonable cost. You can’t go wrong with a food co-op; some have delis that sell ready-made food like sandwiches, salads, etc.

3. Feed Your Immune System

One of the best tips for eating healthy while traveling is to nourish your immune system. Traveling overseas (or even interstate) exposes your immune system to new pathogens—from airplanes to towns and cities to other human beings. To protect your body from these dangerous free radicals, you need to eat greens and take in vitamins. Stacking up on multi-vitamins and other such supplements can help your body fight germs and eradicate toxins. Powdered greens are super convenient as you can quickly mix them in a glass of water or with a morning smoothie.

4. Bring Along A Travel Blender

Good thing we mentioned smoothies. There couldn’t be a better way to get your daily intake of fruits and veggies than smoothies. Every morning, you can use your travel blender to make nutrient-filled smoothies. Carrying a travel blender may seem ‘extra’ to some people. But these things are under $20 and can easily fit into suitcases. Travel blenders are life-savers; you can whip up a power breakfast of fruit, veggies, and nuts to energize you throughout the whole day.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Yes, you need to drink a lot more water than you would at home. Airplanes and hotel rooms can seem a bit dry. Not just that, walking around and visiting tourist centers can be exhausting. Not to mention that you will be outdoors more than usual and exposed to the elements. Some travelers love to drink soda (or alcohol) with meals and dehydrating liquids. On a trip, you’ll need more than the usual 8 glasses of water a day to hydrate your cells, flush out toxins, keep you energized, and keep your skin glowing.

6. Reduce Alcohol Intake

People on business trips may find this difficult, as alcohol consumption is a favorite pastime. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says individuals overeat when washing down meals with alcoholic drinks. If this is you, you need to cut down on the alcohol. Not only does it worsen jet lag, but it also increases dehydration which can lead to unhealthy eating.

We are not saying don’t drink at all. We understand going to a local bar is a great way to meet locals and socialize. What we are saying is that to continue eating healthy while traveling you need to reduce the amount of alcohol intake.

7. Get 8-Hours of Sleep

This isn’t an easy thing to do on a trip, I know. But you can try. In fact, you should get enough sleep because decent rest steady your metabolism, regulates your adrenal system, and boosts your immune system. Simply put, getting enough sleep will help you make better food decisions. Without sleep, we can’t function and a lack of it becomes a negative domino effect.

8. Treat Yourself On Occasion

It’s a trip; it’s a vacation—you’re allowed to have fun, sometimes. Give yourself treats at least once a day. Eat that chocolate cake; have an extra serving of steak. Have some ice cream or eat pizza, order a cocktail but keep the binge eating to once a day.

Off You Go…

Planning your eating habits before going on a trip is always the best way to eat healthily. It’s easy to get loose while traveling but with these tips, you should do just fine. Remember, your health is important. Without good health we have nothing.

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