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A Sensitive or Desensitized Society?


This is the age of polarization. The age of opinions, beliefs, perspectives, and unfortunately self-righteousness. We live in a society that has rapidly moved to both extremes of sensitivity. So, do we live in a sensitive or desensitized society? Do we live in a society that is so polarized we struggle to feel sympathy or any human connection? But perhaps, it’s been this way for a long time but only highlighted even more during the covid-19 pandemic.

Let’s keep in mind this is not a societal “black pilled” article. We are not making these observations and throwing our hands up suggesting everything is “doomed”. Rather, this article is meant to break down what might be holding men, and humans in general, back from taking the next step forward. We have seen too many moments of division birthed from both spectrums. No one dares to connect the dots, or even worse dare to have the conversation that would facilitate connecting the dots.

This article isn’t like any other articles we have published before. This article isn’t about statements, or funny punts and jokes. It is rather meant to provoke questions and open-minded discussions. We believe we need to question and remain curious.

What Is the Driving Factor Behind a Sensitive Society?

Self-righteousness and the illusion of ego. We might be wrong about this, but that is our belief. It is uncertain why our beliefs can sometimes come from a sense of self-righteousness and why that sense is a justification for automatically being on the right side of history. We rarely grasp the fact that we are limited by how we each uniquely sense reality and effectively the world and its “truths”. Here is a reality check: There are no absolute truths. At least not the truths we hope there would be, and we were conditioned to believe.

But why is that for the most part society has become so sensitive to the point of division and ultimately resentment? Even to the point that people rather not express their opinions than confront a person with a different point of view. Even more so if it leads to pinning your beliefs against a wall and effectively poking at your ego. And man, do we struggle with overly protecting our ego and our sense of self. Perhaps, that is at the core of the group of society that has become extremely sensitive. Too sensitive.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, in an age where there are such divisive and critical topics and events happening, the ego is bound to be in the middle of it all. We fail to escape the illusion of ego. It prevents us from fully experiencing humanity, and therefore connect with each other. Isn’t that what we so desperately need right now? Or better yet. Isn’t that our nature and the key to taking the next step in our evolutional and spiritual evolution?

But What Is a Sensitive Society and How It Is Manifested?


A sensitive society is an environment where expressing your opinions can instantly and deeply connect you with someone or completely take you in the opposite direction. In other words, the wrong side of history. We are not saying the history of the world is full of harmony and agreeance. Quite the opposite. And depending on your perspective, this is a good thing. We are humans, we are bound to disagree and stand firm by what we believe. And this indeed is a good thing. This is man’s nature. Men have fought and conquered shielded by their deepest beliefs and vision. But we can’t help to think that somehow, a little empathy or at least openness could be the best tool we have in modern times. The world was, can be, and still is, a cruel place. It can be black and white, but we perhaps fail to add a little color by being too sensitive and self-righteous about our beliefs.

Take this pandemic for example. We, the world, have never seen such divisiveness and polarization as in our current state of affairs. If you like us, you encourage and see the benefits of openly and respectfully expressing your opinions. Or at the very least, having the conversation without rejecting yourself mentally or physically every time you encounter a different “truth”. Wouldn’t we benefit from thinking, analyzing, and handling a situation with one big brain?

Is A Desensitized Society the Downfall of Humanity?

Now, this might sound a little “black pilled”, and it might be at its core. For those unfamiliar with the term “black pill”, it is often used within the manosphere community to describe the rotten and/or hopeless state of modern dating or for that matter intergender dynamics. We are using it in a slightly different way, but we hope you get the point.

We are seeing more and more people that have simply given up hope that things will get better. They simply stopped caring. This is at the core of a desensitized society: Complete apathy and disconnects towards others.

If we had to choose between a sensitive or desensitized society, we obviously prefer the former. At least then we care. The opposite of this is a domino effect with devastating long-term consequences. There is a saying that has become one of our life’s mottos: You can escape reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of escaping reality. This should, in theory, and if you let it sink in for a minute, shake things up deep down within you.

The good news is that in our experience in the manosphere community and real-world day-to-day interactions we don’t come across too much of this. For the most part, we have encountered men, rooted and firm in their beliefs. Sometimes too rooted for their own good.

The Mid-Point: What Does That Look Like and What It Potentially Could Do?

We live, for the most part, in one extreme or the other. Rarely do we fall in the sweet spot of caring and engagement without injecting our sense of ego and self-righteousness into conversations that can lead to solutions and a better understanding aka a closer sense of an “absolute truth”. And we think that is possible, however, it desperately needs an understanding that your reality and truth are only a piece of the puzzle. A 7.8-billion-piece puzzle.

On Aug 23rd, 2021 Brett McKay from The Art of Manliness uploaded an episode of his podcast called “How Moral Grandstanding Is Running Our Public Discourse” (we will leave a link to the episode at the bottom, we highly recommend taking a listen to this episode and his podcast) in which he and his guest Brandon Warmke discuss this subject. It goes in-depth about what moral grandstanding entails, its history, and how it can potentially affect public discourse. And that ultimately is the goal, what is the best approach when expressing and sharing beliefs, opinions, perspectives when the genuine intend lies with the public and humanity overall. There should be no ego in humanity.

The best approach is to simply engage, remain curious, and cultivate a collective mindset. We must cultivate a sense of a collective truth, and the pursuit of that truth via collaboration. Imagine for a second what remaining humble and accepting that you, too, can be just maybe, be wrong.

Connect. Simply Connect.

So perhaps the title of this article shouldn’t be “A Sensitive or Desensitized Society?”. This divides, and that is exactly what we are condemning and arguing against. Perhaps the title should be “A Society”. Yes, connect, simply connect. But man, oh man, saying and writing it is so easy. Accomplishing that is a whole different task. Simple, yet complex at the same time. If we are to take the next step, this is a must, this is the steppingstone that will help us cross this turbulent and powerful current. Without it, we will wash away.

Check out The Art of Manliness’s episode “How Moral Grandstanding Is Running Our Public Discourse” here.

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