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Becoming A Man: Our Vision


In today’s world, there are so many distractions that take the power out of a man. Society makes it okay for men to trade their constructive ambitions for unmanly pleasures. As men, we need to be conscious of our civic responsibility to the world around us. We hope to share with you the principles that make up a man and why we must remain the dominant force on this planet.

Without men, the world as we know it remains a barren unambitious planet. It’s true. Take a walk around your city, and you’ll see men working hard to build and maintain impossible infrastructures that keep the world functioning. With such familiar scenes of a man’s daily hustle, it’s clear to see that our input in this world deserves a whole lot of gratitude.

In Jordan Peterson’s words: ‘men work themselves to death; breaking themselves in half on a regular basis, making sure everything that always breaks works’. Yet, as men, we do not receive the appreciation we deserve. Instead, we are mocked by society’s vices who regard a man’s drive and passion as ‘toxic masculinity—the nerve. 

Masculinity is often ridiculed in times of peace and only praised in times of war.

As such, it is therefore important to spread the message to the world that all men have an important role to play; and that if we assume our responsibilities as honest and upright beings, we can contribute positively to the people around us.

The Importance And Need For Men

Civilization was built upon the blood and sweat of millions of men. It is written in the history of the world. The world is nothing without men’s labor, hardship, and suffering. Why, because men are natural providers and protectors. Men have a strong sense of responsibility, to their jobs, spouses, family, tribe, and community at large. Wherever there is a problem, men chase the solution with every nerve ending in their bodies. Men are forever kept awake by the promise of a better tomorrow. We are motivated to see our dreams prosper. Men are dreamers. So why does society try to pry us away from our masculinity; and why do many males succumb to it?

Modern Distractions

Modern distractions are redefining our masculinity by reducing its efficiency. And many males are now succumbing to the idea that it’s ‘okay’ to sit back and relax; ‘okay’ not to walk your own path or worse have a higher purpose; and that it’s okay to be a stereotype and not choose to make a difference. Men’s desires are now restrained by the urge for Social Media, Television, video games, quick sexual release, lust for Porn, and addiction to intoxicants.

We know for a fact that such habits are detrimental to men’s growth. This is why society is riddled with cases of males who succumb to suicide; gun, domestic violence; and many other crimes. Being a man is a choice, yet many of us choose to side with society and fail to understand the importance and necessity of this unique choice.

When asked about the demotivation of men today, Jordan Peterson blames society’s perception of progress in the West as oppressive and patriarchal. When indeed men’s efforts are what keep the world developing significantly every day. The reason why many people find success today is that men, in the past, worked tirelessly to create a system where young persons with diligent, conscientious, and forward-thinking values are given the opportunity to succeed—a system dubbed by society as an ‘oppressive capitalist patriarchal system’

However, when you look closely at this so-called ‘patriarchal system’, you discover that this is a system that is performing miraculously. It contributes massively to the lifting of the standard of living of poor people around the world.

What Makes A Man? | A Man’s Mindset

Being a male is just a matter of birth; being a man is truly a matter of choice.

In simple words, Jordan Peterson reminds us that what drives young men to succeed is hardship. He says, “As Kierkegaard said, there will come a time when we have so much security and comfort that what we’ll want more than anything else are deprivation and challenge.”

What this means, in the overall context of masculinity, is that men are destined to always look for challenges. If you consider how much the world has developed in the past 50 years, you can see how far the natural drive of mankind has brought us. Two hundred years ago, we couldn’t leave our planet, yet today, Elon Musk has sent dozens of spacecraft into the solar system. Elon saw space travel as a complex problem that needed solving. He took on this challenge because of his consciousness as a man and conquered it with the help of a system that society regards as oppressive and patriarchal.

So no; we are not ‘men’ because we have a phallus aka. penis. We become men when we not only identify the opportunities around us and pursue our purpose; but also take up the challenge and provide solutions. The endless drive to succeed is what keeps a man ticking. Regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, or language; a man is motivated by his conscientiousness to take on burdens. Men are driven by the necessity to solve problems even if that means suffering guilt and shame from others.

Becoming A Man | Why Many Young Males Fail

Jordan Peterson agrees that conscientious men do better in life, making them more successful. But the reason why many young males fail to realize their manliness is that there isn’t a specific model for such conscientiousness. Sure, society tells us we are free to make our own choices, which is a good thing. But oftentimes, this freedom of choice speaks indirectly to the lazy part of many young males who don’t want to succeed. 

A man only has two options in life: to succeed or to fail. A conscientious man is always in pursuit of opportunities. He is happy to choose success even if it means sacrificing a huge part of his mind and body for the greater good. 

On the other hand, however, an unscrupulous young male will always be blind to the plethora of opportunities staring him right in the face. Why, because, he has subconsciously chosen to be comfortable within his own space; to never carry the existential weight of being a failure today, even if that means suffering the consequences tomorrow. Therefore he remains a ‘boy’ in mind and spirit, sacrificing his ‘manly’ duty to be a provider and protector, of modern distractions like video games, porn, and violence. 

In the battle of life, the conscientious man always wins.


Becoming A Man

So, in becoming a man, you have to seize opportunities when they manifest themselves and break away from the stereotypes forced upon us at a young age. Or as James Peterson says, “…you have to utilize all possibilities that come your way.”

This is the only path to manhood…

We take full pride in recognizing Jordan Peterson as one of our many mentors. To learn more about Jordan Peterson, visit his website.

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