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Get The Woman You Want And Keep Her


Women are very comfortable rejecting men, regardless of their fine appearance, fancy accessories, or classy lifestyle. A lady’s rejection is almost out of every man’s control. Why do women reject men outrightly? What reasons could they possibly have? And how can men, like you, get and keep a woman you desire? The answers are all in this article.

Being men, we’ve all approached women. In the same regard, we sometimes find our advances turned down by women. Every day, men face rejection in some form, from the opposite sex. You’ve probably experienced rejection a few times yourself. However, that doesn’t make you less of a man; it just means that the woman always has the ‘important choice’.

Yes, keeping a woman that you truly desire may not be the easiest thing to do. Why, because every intimate relationship starts with a woman accepting a man’s advances. By so saying, it doesn’t matter how high your game is, a woman can turn you down… for no apparent reason.

Why does this happen though? What makes a woman say no to charming wooers? What is it about a woman that makes them reject so many men, so often? Well, we have our theories, but a woman’s mind is perceived as undecipherable, or at least society has created a mystique around what women want. A woman may reject a man for vague, yet understandable reasons; and accept another for no obvious reasons.

Reasons Why Most Women Reject Men

As a rule of thumb: “Don’t take rejection from women seriously. Never overthink it.” This may sound a bit cliché but ‘it’s not you, it’s her.” Think about it, women sometimes have a lot of things going on and get approached and even sometimes harassed all the time. It is overwhelming and so they have created an auto don’t-bother-me response. Not only do they have to be cautious about a man’s true motives; they also have to be wary of being dumped and hurt. It’s a lot to process. However, based on everyday occurrences, we know quite well that there are 3 solid reasons why any woman would reject a man.

Remember, it’s generally speaking not your fault.

You’re Too Good for Her Now

This doesn’t mean that women are of lower value. In fact, women are more civil when it comes to sexual matters and relationships. Yet, one thing a few women tend to suffer from is emotional insecurity.

So there you are, a tall handsome young man, caring and financially secure. The stuff of dreams for women, you would imagine. But then you approach a beautiful lady with all the confidence in the world, expecting her to cave into your advances, but then she does the unimaginable; she rejects you. Well, here’s our theory on what she’s probably thinking, “He’s too attractive; too wealthy. He’s a ladies’ man; he may leave me for someone prettier eventually. I cannot survive another heartbreak.”

As aforementioned, the problem isn’t you. To her, you are too good to be true; and to most women that can be intimidating and risky. If you think rejection is tough for men, imagine what it feels like for women. It’s no brainer why most women prefer to date less attractive or unambitious guys because this is the only scenario where they get to be the center of a relationship—where they are safe, emotionally.

She Has A Boyfriend

Here is another angle that solves the mystery of rejection. Most women reject other men because they already have a boyfriend. Plain and simple.

Most women, not all, post a lot more pictures than men because they seek validation to some extent. They love it when men swoon at their images. They blush at the late-night gushy conversations. They flirt back. Some even go as far as hooking up with you. Women do all of this because they miss the validation—the thirstiness that many, many, many men give them for free. However, they never take things further with you, because of a boyfriend or partner. Eventually, they reject you, either by ghosting your messages, missing your calls, or cutting contact completely.

When single, they experience life without much restriction. When in a relationship, they naturally become a bit more conservative. This is a no-brainer but sometimes they lead you on because you make them feel good. The moment her boyfriend or partner is back in play, you get substituted fast.

Don’t be a bench warmer aka orbiter.

She Has Concerns Over Friends and Family Approval

Approval, validation; whatever you choose to call it, most women love that stuff. The opinions of her family and friends matter a lot more than yours do. So a lady would reject a man based on the question, “What would my friends say if I dated him?” This may seem petty but it’s very true.

A woman always seeks validation, and if you do not fit her criteria—criteria created by peer pressure—you will be rejected. 

The truth is, women could reject men for any reason whatsoever. 

Her reasons for rejection are things you may never know. And that’s okay because at least you know it’s not always your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong per se. She just wasn’t feeling it. Your standards are still intact—your value, as a man, is still abundant. You can get any woman you want; here’s how…

How to Make a Woman be Invested and Committed to You 

In our article Know Your Worth: Setting Your Standards for Women we mentioned how critical is to know your worth as a man. Women are intimidated by a man that truly knows his worth. This is where the idea of an alpha male creeps in. You see, the alpha male knows his value as a man. His time is precious; he’s got plenty of activities that keep him busy throughout the day. His time is not to be wasted. He is ambitious and goal-driven. More importantly, he needs a woman that shares his life’s values, not one that hampers it. And this is where so many men fall short.

As a man, the world is stacked against your favor. Society doesn’t care about you. They care more about women; and subtly urge you, through internet schemes, to care unconditionally for an attractive woman, the same way you would a pet dog or a child. Society makes it is acceptable for men to sacrifice their manliness for toxic women, as long as they are attractive. Just look at OnlyFans Wow!

You can break that chain today. Your values as a man are equally, and even more important. Never again do you have to lower your standards for women who do not show care or concern for you. Keep in mind, every intimate relationship is a man’s responsibility to build. As a man, you are a natural risk-taker; and when successful, are the one with options. If she isn’t good enough, why keep her?


Why build a relationship with a woman who doesn’t know and admire your worth?

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