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Invisible Children: Our Mission


As men, it is our earthly duty to find solutions to problems, as well as provide and protect those in need of help. That is our vision. Somewhere in the murky depths of Northern Uganda, thousands of children have been displaced by the war between rebels and the government. An innumerable amount of children live in terror and apprehension of the chaos surrounding them. Modern Man Advice is joining the fight against human rights violations, child abduction, and economic depression in Central Africa.

If you haven’t yet seen the Invisible Children documentary, please do so now. The shocking reality behind the hardship of the children and people of Uganda can no longer remain unnoticed. This is a significant story in the course of human life—a tragedy in need of immediate response.

The Invisible Children organization was founded by brave human rights activists around the world to end the violence happening in Africa. More precisely, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Uganda, and South Sudan border regions. The team works diligently to make the communities in these areas safe by reuniting former child soldiers with their families. 

Indeed, ‘child soldiers’ are very much rampant in these parts. Children from as little as 7 years old are kidnapped by rebels who then force them to become killers. Why this story has been ignored for so long, we cannot say; but it is one that affects the world, and that touches the very fabric of humanity. The suffering of African children sharing the same stature and mind as every other child in the West is being overlooked. What then can we say about humanity as a whole?

Here is the FULL story of the Invisible Children…

The Conflict In Central Africa

As far back as 2004, almost two decades ago, the United States recognized the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) crisis in northern Uganda as the “most forgotten, neglected humanitarian emergency in the world”. In 2020, much progress has been made in strengthening afflicted communities in Central Africa. However, more still needs to be done to protect the lives of the victims of this never-before-seen violence.

With the brave intervention of a few US citizens, who explored the South Sudan and Northern Uganda region, the LRA’s crimes have been documented and thrown into the international spotlight. On getting to Sudan, they found a land ravaged by war and evacuated by many citizens who searched for greener pastures on the other side of the border in the refugee camps of Northern Uganda.

Narrowly escaping the terrorist group itself, the LRA, these US citizens fled to the town of Gulu, the Acholi-land which shelters thousands and thousands of displaced children. Here, they were able to unveil the real events behind the crisis in Central Africa—it is a truly terrifying story.

Thousands of starving children are camped at Gulu, where they are kept safe from the LRA. The leader of the (Lord’s Resistance Army), the LRA, is a man named Joseph Kony. He and his gang of miscreants (most of whom are abducted children) go about terrorizing the ungoverned corners of Central Africa. The LRA’s primary motive is based on a violent takeover of the government. Furthermore, a motive is based on the belief that they are divinely chosen for their “cause”.

Despicable Acts Of Violence

The LRA storm communities at random, killing parents and abducting their young ones to be used as soldiers in their army. Kony takes the children to the bushes and teaches them violence—teaches them to kill even. This group erases their identity and gives them a much more horrifying one.

It is believed that the LRA brutally murders children who weep, and keeps those that are most malleable. Abducted children are made to watch the slaughter of siblings and friends who try to flee the LRA. This leaves them with no choice but to obey.

Because of the LRA’s regular violent indoctrination, children have to commute every night from their villages to the nearby town to huddle up in safe locations; such as hospitals. This leaves thousands of children exposed to all sorts of heinous traumas such as exploitation, starvation, torture, and rape by older persons in towns and cities.

The sufferings of these kids are truly unimaginable. Words alone cannot explain this grave, gruesome story. From 31:21 in the Invisible Children documentary, you can catch a glimpse of how these kids commute to hospitals for safety, only to sleep next to each other tightly like a pack of sardines. At 34:00, you find these children leaving their safe havens, at dawn, to return to their villages where the LRA still lurks. 

They are not safe.

How Modern Man Advice Intends to Support Invisible Children

Invisible Children was founded to stop the violence perpetrated within the communities of Central Africa. It seeks to achieve this by creating campaigns that spread the message that violence occurring in other countries should be the entire world’s concern. The lives of these African children do concern us; it is relevant and must be addressed as a breach of human rights protection.

We as men must take on our natural responsibility to protect and provide for those in need. Our existence as men is to explore solutions to problems that need fixing. It is our masculine nature. The conflict in Central Africa has left 60,000 children abducted; tens of thousands killed and millions of people displaced. Is, without a doubt, the future of the Ugandan people lies in the hands of the children.

Yet, the lives of these children lie in our hands. We can help them—we must. How can we remain, men, if we don’t provide for those who truly need help?

As such, a percentage of the profits made by Modern Man Advice will be remitted to Central African committees and its displaced citizens in need of food, shelter, and provisions. This is our contribution as distinguished gentlemen vowed to make this our responsibility and mission.

We also have our own Fundraising portal on their website where you can donate directly and be part of the mission here:

You can also help in your way, by heading over to website now. Spread the message whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself; and please donate as much as you can. 

The children of Northern Uganda need your help now more than ever.

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