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Know Your Worth: Setting Your Woman Standards


Do you find yourself stuck in unfulfilling relationships with women? Are you constantly being played by women? Do you struggle to hold onto a woman? If yes; it means you aren’t paying attention to the many signals that women send you. Keeping a relationship goes beyond words, it’s about actions. This article is your guide to knowing your worth as a man; how to avoid heartbreaks; and setting your woman standards high. And high is the keyword. 

We can’t ignore this fact any longer: most modern men are weak, emotionally. Think about it; why do so many men, who have lofty ambitions, find themselves tethered to women who do not share their values as a person. Well, it’s because many men settle for less than they deserve; turning over their need for emotional security for a few minutes of bed action.

This act, simply over women, is self-demeaning. The problem is, many men do not realize they’re involved with toxic women until they are eventually replaced by another man. So how can you avoid female timewasters? What steps can you take to stop women from disrespecting you and treating you like trash? It starts with knowing your worth and then firmly setting your woman standards high.

The Problem With A Feminized Society

First, you have to understand that men and women live very different lives. Female and male energies while complementary are contrasting and for a reason. However, society has been rigged from the jump. As men, we perceive women to be angelic; to be adored based on their appearance, beauty, and curves. On the other hand, women do not choose men solely on looks, they take a lot of things into consideration, such as “how can this man add value to my life?”

When a woman thinks this way, she can become controlling. And that’s because most women, if not all, find themselves in constant communication with a lot of admirers aka orbiters that because of their low self-worth put them on a pedestal. This makes it acceptable for them to promise a date and not show up. These women live like prima donnas who feel like they deserve to be treated like princesses; and that any failings that they have must be forgiven. Just watch all these videos of Instagram’s “influencers” attacking a perfectly respectful Uber driver.

And this is why man men attract toxic women; because they make ladies super comfortable. They allow most women to play games. Because of this, they relinquish all forms of control to their female partner. This is against the doctrine of Alpha males; you must always be in control of a relationship. If you do not know your worth as a man, you will always get played by timewasting, toxic women.

How to Take Control?

This is pretty simple. You must understand that you are a ‘man’. And as a man, your time is important—you must protect it at all cost. So, if a woman makes up flagrant excuses for not replying to your text, calls; for standing you up on dates; for not being there for you when you need her; you have one job: MOVE ON!

Do not say anything or act bitter. Keep it classy and gentlemanly and move on! Remember, women feel entitled to attention even when they don’t deserve it. The moment they do not get it, they go crazy. Give it a try, next time she sends her excuses, simply ignore her messages; she will do everything in her power to claw back your attention. By that time, unfortunately for her, you may already be onto the next option. 

And that; gentlemen; is how you retain control (or often labeled as ‘frame’) in a relationship.

Guide To Knowing When A Girl Is Wasting Your Time

You’re probably wondering, “How do I identify a woman that’s wasting my time?” The truth is, the signs are there, but you just aren’t seeing them. First, you have to understand that, as a man, you provide value and your much-needed masculine energy to a relationship. Therefore, you are the prize and not another option. Embrace it!

Here are some glaring signs that show when a girl is wasting your time:

  • She doesn’t know what she wants: When she answers ‘I don’t know’ to serious life questions, it’s pretty clear she either doesn’t respect you enough to share her goals, or she’s just, downright clueless. Time to run.
  • She does not plan dates with you: Never lower your standards for a woman who never reaches out to you. If she doesn’t involve you in her outings or never plans dates with you, she highly likely does not care. 
  • She only texts you when in need: Big red flag gentlemen. If she only hits you up for a “Can you help me out…” or “I need a favor…” type conversation, jet out of there!
  • She contributes nothing to your future: If she hangs on the fence about a long-term relationship with you, she definitely has other options.
  • She asks for help too often: Brother, you deserve a woman who buys you nice things once in a while; one who takes care of you—not one who asks you for money all the time.
  • She is committed to someone else: We shouldn’t even elaborate on this one but just in case. If you know point-blank that she is still clinging on to a past relationship or marriage, why chase her? That’s a lot of toxicity that you definitely have to avoid.
  • She consistently cancels on you: Do not stay with a woman who constantly makes up excuses not to be with you. If she truly desires you, she will make time. Trusts us. There are plenty of women out there to chase one that shows low interest. You are better than that!
  • She always brings her friend: If you’ve never had alone time with this woman, especially on a date, you’re her ‘buddy’, not her boyfriend. Leave her alone.
  • She speaks more, does less: Words like ‘I love you’ are simply words if there are no actions to support them. If her actions do not match her words, she isn’t right for you or anybody for that matter.

Setting Your Woman Standards High

“Only women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provides something” – Chris Rock

As aforementioned, society is on the side of ‘women’, and well ‘pets’ as well. Women are loved unconditionally—men are not. Women are raised to only consider men who provide sufficiently, financially, and emotionally—men are not.

We admire women based on appearances, and only a few of us consider their characters. It’s true. All men are guilty of this, at some point in their lives. That has to stop. You are hopefully a high-value man and you deserve nothing less in a woman. You deserve a woman that goes the extra length to make you happy. Who is as high-value as you. Your standards are equally important; therefore it’s paramount that you test the standards of women as well.

Gentlemen, you do not have to settle or set aside your pride for a woman who degrades you just for the sake of sex and/or companionship.

Guide To Set Your Standards For Women

  • Let Her Invest In You: Allow her to take initiative her showing you her world. This way, you’re ensuring that she will invest in you. That is key, remember that. And if she doesn’t initiate the next date, then she’s really not as interested in you as you think.
  • Test her independence: Does she pay her own bills? Does she have her own job? What are her passions? A truly independent woman will express values that will coincide with yours. And that’s how you identify a woman worthy of your time, money, and effort.
  • Test her sexual desires: You need to ascertain her responsiveness to your sexual advances while keeping her at bay. What does this mean? Well, most women have been placed on a pedestal all their lives; and when they do get ‘private’ with a man, most times, the man initiates sexual contact.

However, if you can make her wait for ‘it’, this turns the tables significantly. You have to make her understand that you want her sexually but are willing to wait for the intercourse. This sends her brain into a meltdown, and she will think long and hard about your demeanor. In her mind, you will stand out as one of the few men who truly care about her personality and not one of the hundred others who simply want to sleep with her and scram.

Know Your Worth: Setting Your Woman Standards

At the end of the day gentlemen, it’s all about setting your woman standards high, knowing your worth, having an abundance mindset, finding shared values in women, and setting your frame in the relationship.

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