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Negative Effects Of Alcohol: How It Affects Your Sex Life


Sure, alcohol gives you a lot of confidence. They call it “liquid courage”. You just might get her number after downing a few shots. But on the topic of sexual health, alcohol is a major deterrent. And one of the negative effects of alcohol in your life is sex. And your phallus (penis) would thank you greatly if you put down that drink. Here’s why…

No one can underestimate the effect alcohol has on our mood in general. With a couple of drinks, what should be an awkward first sexual encounter suddenly becomes a rollercoaster and the thrill of the hunt. And so you find yourself having a good time. Well, not for long. Although alcohol plays a strong role in sexual confidence, is it really good for your sex life?

In response to the above question, the bulk of the evidence leans towards a negative answer. Arguments have been raised about the classification of alcohol as a stimulant or depressant. Truth is, it can be either depending on the amount consumed. Many people drink alcohol for the stimulant effect. For example, a can of beer, a glass of wine, or a show of whiskey helps you loosen up. However, if you consume more alcohol than your body can handle, you begin to experience its depressant effect.

The depressant effect of alcohol can heavily dampen the mood and reduce sexual desire. As a result, this makes it hard for men to get erections or even achieve orgasm. Studies have shown a strong relationship between excessive alcohol consumption and erectile dysfunction. And that my brother, is one of the biggest negative effects of alcohol on your sex life. Not to mention addiction.

5 Ways Alcohol Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Don’t get us wrong, you can drink alcohol but you should do it in moderation. What exactly is the scope of ‘moderation’? The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a daily limit of two drinks for men and one drink for women. Taking more than this amount makes the body unable to break down excess alcohol, which leads to toxins building up in the body that negatively affect organs, like your phallus.

Drink too much, and one (or all) of these sexual maladies may happen to you:

1. Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most prominent negative effects of alcohol is ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Too much alcohol, guys, meddles with your brains and beloved phalluses. According to studies, sober men are better able to achieve an erection faster than their intoxicated counterparts. Some men, on heavy doses of alcohol, find it difficult to even get an erection. This can be very embarrassing when trying to impress a sexual partner—you just can’t get it up. It’s called “Whiskey Dick”.

You see, drinking excessively before sex, or should we call it pre-sex boozing reduces blood flow to the penis. This reduces the excitement of sex and the intensity of your orgasm. In other words, sex becomes a breeze, not something you enjoy or that gives you excitement. And sex should be exciting! If you want to have pleasurable sex, lose the excess alcohol. Because you see, it could lead to…

2. Long-Term Erectile Dysfunction

If you thought the desensitization you felt in your groin is temporary, you might consider quitting alcohol altogether. The major risk for long-term erectile dysfunction as studies show is linked to the heavy use of alcohol. To be more specific, men who are over-reliant on alcohol for sex have a 60-70% chance of suffering from serious sexual problems. Heavy use of alcohol exposes you to loss of sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and, of course, long-term erectile dysfunction.

3. Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Combining sex and alcohol as we know can lead to very bad decisions. Research has it that about 50% of unplanned sexual hook-ups are a result of alcohol. An even more troubling statistic is that about 60% of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are transmitted under the influence of alcohol. These numbers are not surprising considering that most young adults who have sex under the influence of alcohol do so without protection. Talk about the negative effects of alcohol, yikes!

Unprotected sex is known to increase the transmission of STDs. And STDs are not as cool as Jim Morrison made them be. They’re not only depressing; they can reduce your enthusiasm for sex. As a result, your sexual health takes a major hit. If you avoid alcohol (or excessive use of it), you can make better decisions when choosing sexual partners or involving in sexual encounters.

4. Bad Decisions And Ruined Relationships

Excessive use of alcohol for sexual intercourse causes people to jump from one partner to the next. As aforementioned, half of all unplanned sexual encounters are linked to heavy alcohol use. This can only be a result of impaired judgment. Alcohol can make you have unprotected sex with people not fit or healthy enough for us. It can also cause you to attempt sex without consent. In fact, 90% of all sexual assaults have been a result of alcohol consumption.

Heavy use of alcohol combined with smoking or drugs has ruined and continues to ruin many relationships. In some relationships where heavy alcohol use is a thing, problems such as conflict, financial insecurity, infidelity, and divorce may arise. This makes it difficult for alcoholics to find a true connection to a partner.

5. Deterioration Of Penis Health

Penis health suffers when the body takes in substances that cause problems for it. This would include heavy drinking, chronic smoking, and eating plenty of fatty foods. Imagine what combining all these unhealthy habits could do to your penis health—it’ll ruin it. Drinking a lot of alcohol damages the circulatory system which impairs penis function. Sustain a drinking habit long enough and you’re looking at tissue problems in the penis.

So, how can you preserve your penis health; well, by getting out of your drinking habit? To do this, follow the next headline.


How To Avoid Penis Function Problems

As we mentioned earlier, the key to preserving the penis function and having a good sexual life is to moderate your intake of alcohol. Here are some tips to get you on the right track and avoid the negative effects of alcohol in your sex life:

  • Know Your Limit: It’s easy to know how much alcohol you can handle. If after a couple of drinks, you have trouble peeing or getting up, then you’ve definitely had enough. Mark down the number of drinks you took and never exceed that limit.
  • Understand Your Alcohol Situation: For some men, they can drink all night and still get it up. Some can perform on hard liquor, others can’t. If a certain amount or type of alcohol kills your libido, stay away from it. Drink in moderation.
  • Always Stay Hydrated: Water douses the effect of alcohol. So if you are going to booze, consume enough water in between drinks. More water intake fills you up, so you can’t drink as much alcohol.


Remember, your sexual health is important. If you’re having regular sex under the influence of heavy alcohol, know that it will have long-term complications. You’re never going to get another penis, so protect its health at all costs. Next time you consider overdrinking, think of the negative effects of alcohol can have on your sex life and mental health. So drink responsibly!


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