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NoFap Movement: Are You Master Of Your Domain?


The NoFap movement is a trend that has gained a lot of attention. It isn’t uncommon for people on the NoFap movement to testify to the total cure of social anxiety, gaining superhuman powers, high confidence, maximum motivation, more energy (testosterone), greater self-esteem, and uplifting of depression. You’ve been hearing a lot of these claims, and you’ve been asking yourself, ‘” Does NoFap work”?

The truth is; that NoFap may not work for everyone. There are tons of people who try to get into the NoFap routine, but it just doesn’t work for them. They don’t feel more energized, more motivated, or more confident. To them, NoFap is rigorous that they can’t keep up with because they believe it doesn’t work for them. Whether you believe NoFap has genuine health benefits or not, it is a fact that at the very least it has mental health benefits. And men’s mental health is critical to our wellness and well-being.

However suitable the benefits of the NoFap movements may sound, the claims can be pretty subjective. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to show the truth; the truth about NoFap. In a nutshell, we’ve decided to show you three basic scientific benefits of the NoFap movements as well as the myths (and lies) about the dark side of NoFapping. This comparison promises to be exciting as well as eye-opening. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to choose whether or not to embark on the NoFap movement or not.

But first, what is it?

What Exactly Is The NoFap Movement?

The NoFap movement involves abstaining from porn and masturbation for a specific period. It aims to alienate the idea of porn from people’s minds, which, to be honest, has been the bane of many relationships. As well as one of the leading causes of men’s depression and isolation. Many NoFap users experience a form of uplifting in both the mental and physical aspects of their bodies.

What Are the Scientific Benefits of NoFap?

Many unreal testimonies are going around about NoFap. A false claim that needs stopping is ‘NoFap gives you superpowers’. It does not. By practicing NoFap, you store semen which spikes your testosterone levels, which in turn gives you energy. This is the main benefit of the movement. However, there are a few more.

There are majorly three scientifically-proven benefits of NoFap. In this article, we outline them all. Pay attention as we analyze all the benefits with statistics and research.

1. NoFap Users Have More Time

It may sound a little absurd to say NoFap users have more time than fappers, but you’ll soon know why. You see, according to research, the average porn session on the internet is about 10 minutes. That’s 10 minutes of a person watching orchestrated sex and nudity in a video on a computer screen. Now, let’s factor in watching other videos, browsing other sites, setting up your fapping workspace and tools, and cleaning up after. That roughly covers a duration of, say, 30 minutes. It may look like small numbers but hold on a sec.

Now, the average time a person has a fapping session is about 2-3 times a week. A modest number, but we’ll go with it. This means, in a week, the average fapper spends at least 240 minutes per month. Is the number not big enough; how about 2880 minutes per year? 2880 minutes per year equates to 48 hours, which means 2 full days of fapping—time wasted. Imagine transforming those 2 days into something productive like reading a book, or learning skills… just imagine.

2. NoFap Helps Regulate Dopamine

Dopamine is a hormone found in your body necessary for the overall functioning of your nervous system. In other words, dopamine is responsible for a person’s urge to get things in life. 50 of dopamine receptors are activated when we’re hungry for food, whereas 100% are switched on when we want sex.

So think about the fapping process. By fapping often, we send signals to our brain to relax dopamine levels. Why, because we can satisfy our cravings for sex by ‘fapping’—yes, masturbating. This may feel like the easy way to relieve your sexual urges, however, with each fapping session, your brain receptors release less and lesser dopamine. When your dopamine levels drop, it means you have less incentive to make relationships with potential sexual partners—which isn’t good.

3. NoFap Improves Mental Health

When we say mental health, we mean self-esteem, self-control, and self-love. All components of a healthy mindset, especially for men in a society that often ridicules masculinity. A study of 450 people who masturbated was recently conducted. It was said that about 30% of these participants watched porn 3 to 5 times a week, at least. 25% indicated that they watched porn daily. On the global depression scale, it was leveled that the general population averaged a score of 6.5. Participants of this survey in the 3-5 times a week category had a score of 18 (moderate depression). More worrisome was the 25% who watched porn daily, they averaged a score of 21 (severe depression).

In a nutshell, the more you view porn, the more isolated and depressed you get. This translates to low self-esteem and poor performance in bed. Stopping the viewing of porn—and fapping—can greatly improve your mental health.

Truth is porn is a form of escapism that distorts and objectifies sexual partners.

The Myths and Lies of NoFapping

Well, not everything about the NoFap movement is true. NoFap emphasizes total abstinence from masturbation. What the proponents of NoFap don’t know or know and deny is that masturbation, or fapping, is beneficial to you, both mentally and physically. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. Fapping Boosts Immune System

Yes, when you fap, your body produces more white blood cells in your bloodstream. These cells are responsible for fighting off diseases and infections.

2. Nitric Oxide Levels can be maintained

As we age, the nitric oxide levels in our blood diminish. This strange-sounding component is responsible for your sex drive. By fapping, you can maintain an optimum nitric oxide level, as well as your sex drive when you age.

3. Improve the Quality and Potency of Sperm

Did you know that the most potent sperms are the youngest? Now you do. Get rid of some old sperms by fapping today.

4. Physical and Mental Stimulation

There are no ends to the benefits of fapping. Masturbation can lower stress levels, improve sleep, and release endorphins (pain-relieving hormones). It also strengthens your pelvic muscles so that you last longer in bed. NoFap agents would disagree on that last point, but it’s true.

Escapism Fapping

The idea of NoFap just like Fapping is amazing because it dwells on self-love, however, there has to be a reason why you’re doing it. NoFap hinges on the theory that you have to give up fapping; however, it doesn’t show you why you should.

Fapping is great, but when it is used to escape boredom or relieve sadness and depression, it then becomes escapism fapping. Like drinking alcohol to escape from unpleasant thoughts, fapping excessively without reason is harmful to your health. Perhaps, it is important to analyze why men like to watch porn to understand unnecessary semen release.

You Are In Control

So with all the information and ideas presented here, you might feel confused as to what path to choose: NoFap or Fap. Truth is, as much as it will sound like a cliche, it is all about balance. At the end of the day, NoFap can only be a solution to escapism fapping and not fapping itself. It all comes down to self-awareness. Perhaps, a strict NoFap lifestyle is for you and only focuses on sex with your partner. Or perhaps you can implement NoFap for certain periods of time (something I do personally). This means you set goals for yourself of 90, 60, 30 days cycles of NoFap.

If you feel the NoFap movement works for you, then you should keep doing it. But if Fapping makes you happy, stick with it, but have the awareness of the underlying motivation every time you have a ‘session’.

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