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Social Conformity: Escaping Informational & Normative Conformity


Men are social beings. It is simply in our nature. When we belong to a group we find both comfort and a sense of security. This is called Social Conformity. If you have read our previous articles, you might recollect and, hopefully, understand our view on the way of men. We strongly believe our social needs and desires are important. As well as being a valuable part of the human species.

However, men often mistake the sense of belonging and security with social conformity. And therefore, we lose our identities and beliefs in the process. We often conform with the rest of society out of fear of not belonging. Effectively we seem to lose a certain sense of security. It exposes our vulnerability and fragility. And these are very intimidating statuses in today’s society.

Informational Conformity

If you are not familiar with this type of social conformity, it is quite simple. It refers to the influence to accept information from others to be the absolute truth or fact as evidence of reality. Such is the case with most of what is happening with Covid-19 and hence the polarization of opinions and practices. There have been numerous tests, papers, and case studies on informational conformity. Every single one of the points one fact: We accept reality or truth based on the influence of other’s information in a social setting. Even if the information is incorrect or false.

This underlines a certain willingness to abandon and exchange our knowledge to conform to the group. Despite the information or knowledge are found to be universally true.

Normative Conformity

This type of conformity relates to the influence to conform with a group’s positive expectations of you. Informational conformity can be interpreted as taking information or knowledge out of the equation. Normative conformity is a more straightforward type of social conformity. It directly influences how we are perceived in a social setting.

A clear and modern example of this is the habit of smoking or to some extent vanity, and also what is perceived as beauty in modern society. For instance, smoking. There is not a single person that can say they truly enjoyed their first cigarette. Let’s be completely frank here, who can enjoy that burnt and dry taste in your mouth the first time? That is not to say that people who smoke do not presently enjoy it. It is an acquired taste and yes, you learn or rather convince yourself to enjoy it eventually.

The point is, smoking is a behavior that goes against your very own joy and health to simply conform and fit in a society where smoking is such a common practice. We all had friends growing up that viewed smoking as “cool” and therefore we felt the need to fit in. You get the idea.


What Makes Us Conform to Society

It is our belief and what’s recognized is we are not fully understanding the beauty and value in who we are as individuals. Therefore, the beauty in every one of us is uniqueness and individuality. If you have ever come across Allan Watts concepts and philosophy, he states “Human beings are a symptom of nature” and even though this can be interpreted in so many ways (otherwise it wouldn’t be Allan Watts) it implies a certain correlation and inseparability within human behavior and development as a species.

Conforming is rather natural and explainable behavior. Before we get entangled in the contradiction between conformity and individuality, we must keep the concept of conscious collectiveness at the forefront of our minds. There is a process in the development of any species. Just as we can observe nature’s processes, we can conclude that certain stages are, to an extent, natural for evolving to a more complex and advanced species.

Is Society a Hoax?

Although we believe in both the natural necessity of social conformity to an extent, the absolute value in our individuality and uniqueness it carries in society, we believe that social conformity is a result of a much bigger design.

There are very specific and evident intentions to isolate you from your essence, your potential, your beliefs, etc. Without getting into a much deeper discussion on this just yet, it is simply a game of control. Here’s a metaphor: Imagine trying to herd a group of sheep that had a vision and understanding of who they are and what they each value and want in life. While some might follow you and let you herd them, others might not. You subsequently lose control of a big group of sheep that once you benefit from. Essentially, you lose what provides for you and those close to you. What else do you think you might lose?

Having said that, that is all we will discuss on society as a hoax for now. We might touch on the subject in a future article. Stay tuned…

Take Control of Your Life

Imagine for a second a world where everyone follows their innate talents and passions, and truly understands and accepts the value of their individuality. The need to blindly conform would not be a norm but rather part of a natural process. It will be a world full of self-aware and effectively empowered beings that are willing and open to sharing a collective experience. Men are eager to unleash their potential, share it with the world, and contribute that to society for the collective benefit.

Follow that for which you naturally and individually believe and constructively disagree to that which is not in your heart. Doing so will not only give you control of your life but more importantly provide value to our development as a species. Remember, one mind is unique and beautiful, but a collection of unique minds working towards improvement is powerful and gives more profound meaning to life and society.

Ultimately, this falls on discovering yourself and your essence.

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