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Spain: No Reservations


España is a dream country. It is probably within every traveler’s top 5 bucket list destinations. Spain is a European country that is diverse in geography and culture. This country has a great variety in each city. It has 17 autonomous regions. Spain was home to the famous architect Antoni Gaudi who was the leading figure of Catalan Modernism. Football (Soccer) is the national sport of Spain and you can see how enthusiastic the people of Spain are for this sport. All over the country children in the streets run around playing Football. Spain lives and breathes Football. Its food, smells, sounds, sights, vibes, and more importantly people are the perfect definition of culture. It holds no reservations.

If you are a man that appreciates medieval architecture, art, fun, and amazing food then this is the country to go on your next trip. 


By far our favorite city in Spain. And ironically (and with a little sociopolitical controversy) not quite represented by Spain and are proud of their Catalan culture. Located in the northeastern region of Catalonia, this city just vibrates with art, modernism, the box culture. It perfectly encapsulates the old with the new, the retro with the modern. Barcelona is home to Gaudi buildings, Gothic Corner, and La Rambla.

My first experience with the city of Barcelona was the narrow alleyways of La Rambla. Needless to say, not the best first impression as I was approached by pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers in a matter of 30 minutes. Thankfully, if you have lived in a city like New York then it is just part of the experience. And you know, that is not what this city is about. Simply step out of the main tourist traps and you’ll find captivating places and sights that take your breath away. But one tourist trap you cannot skip is The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria (or simply La Boqueria. It is a foodie’s paradise much like Dōtonbori is for the city of Osaka, Japan.

The city is lined with many famous buildings of Antoni Gaudi which are a treat to view and experience. You get the chance to see what Gaudi saw and step into his world of Catalan Modernism. The fantastic and very famous Sagrada Familia Church is one of the many modernist landmarks designed by Gaudi in Barcelona. The city is known for its art and architecture and displays so much variety buried in history. The famous MUHBA museum is also located in Barcelona which includes many Roman archaeological sites.


Next stop, Madrid. Madrid is one of the most wondrous cities in Spain. It is home to the Royal Palace and Prado Museum of Art. Madrid is a rich city, rich in Spanish culture, rich in art, and rich in enthusiasm, and holds no reservations.

In case Geography isn’t your strong suit, the city of Madrid is the capital city of Spain.

Madrid is lined with elegant Boulevards and beautiful parks like the famous Buen Retiro. Madrid is a city that one has to visit and spend more than just a day or two. It is rich in European art which is proudly displayed in the Prado Museum. The Museo Arqueológico Nacional showcases a huge collection of historic artifacts. The heart of Madrid is the portico-lined Plaza Mayor and of course, the Royal Palace and its Armory which has its historic weaponry on display.

And did you know that Moors were the first habitants of this eloquent city? Madrid is probably one of the best representations of a European city. Full of astonishing history and culture. Simply ask any proud Madrileño and they will spend hours talking to you about their city and what it has to offer. Ultimately, that is what traveling is about, connecting with the locals and becoming one of them if possible.

Madrid is full of interesting facts, read about some of them here.


Speaking of proud habitats, Sevillanos are fiercely proud of their city. And for good reason, it is a magical city. A hot one, too.

The city of Sevilla is a lively city in Spain which is famous for its flamenco dancing. The people of Sevilla are lively, happy, and warmhearted. Tourists especially enjoy being part of the street activities of Seville for which there are several years round. Some of the most well-known places which are enriched with history and have amazing architecture are the Alcatraz Palace and the Gothic Seville Cathedral where the tomb of Christopher Columbus lies.

Another famous building that one should visit while exploring the streets of Sevilla is the Giralda which is a minaret-turned-bell tower. This city is home to many eye-opening monuments which you simply have to get lost and wander about to come about. Sevilla is a gorgeous city and for that reason, many movies and shows have been filmed in it. Walk around its streets, parks, and architecture and you might find it on familiar territory.


Talk about no reservations, a Muslim kingdom for 800 years. The longest in Spanish history.

Get lost in the old Moorish city streets. There lies a Medieval city of wonders where time stands still. The city of Granada houses the world-famous, must-visit, astounding Alhambra Palace. It is every man’s dream, it is as close as you’ll ever get to be a fierce shining knight. Get lost in it until you come across fairy tale gardens and be okay with going back in time and feeling just when you were 10 years old. Surrender to your emotions and visualize yourself as a 10-year-old kid playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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Spain: No Reservations

A traveler’s destination dream, Spain is probably on your bucket list if you haven’t visited yet. It holds no reservations and it will change you forever. Spain will get to you in a way you will never expect.

So much heritage and vast cultural diversity, all preserved in one country. Spain sure is an eye-opener and a country whose streets are truly enriched in history, culture, art, and architecture.

España truly holds no reservation. It does not apologize nor it waits for you

¡Vamos tio!


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