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The Abundance Mindset: Living an Abundant Life

In our recent article, we covered one of the pillars of living a more fulfilling and successful life as men: The Importance of Self-Confidence. But surely a more purposeful life can’t simply rely on confidence. It does not. Many factors and pillars build a fulfilling and successful life. One of those is the concept of abundance: Living an Abundant Life and having an Abundance Mindset.

However, it is important for us as men to understand the difference between faking it and being it. One of the sections of this article will go into more detail but it is important to make this a distinction before we proceed further.

So What Is Abundance?

There are different aspects of abundance, just as there are different aspects of wealth. And while there is no right or wrong answer, we will avoid the dictionary definition of abundance. As it pertains to this article it is simply not a large quantity of something but something much more meaningful.

Abundance is a mental state in which we as men experience our lives full of passions, goals, hobbies, adventures, love, friendship, etc, etc. And we embrace their value in our lives. It is by far not related to materialism. Abundance is a state in which we have a clear view of the window of opportunities we can take action on. Effectively making those opportunities an essential part of us.

Simply put, abundance in this aspect is having a life of our own. Surely you’ve heard the phrase “Get a life”. It simply means letting life happen from you and not letting life happen to you.

The Abundance Mindset

Men often mistake quality for quantity. It is that exact mentality that leads billionaires and artists to still feel empty and unfulfilled. As mentioned above, abundance is not a large quantity of something but rather a life full of quality. In this sense, it is important that we as men not only have a life of our own full of dreams, passions, hobbies, adventures, friendship, love, etc but that we translate that into a constant mindset.

What this means is always being aware of the wonderful life you live. It also means living life through our own experiences, heart, and vision and not through the eyes of others. It is this mental state that will lead you to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. The beauty in the abundance mindset is that it aligns you in a state that attracts even more quality in your life. It reprograms the mind to recognize new awesome experiences, taking action on them and avoiding those that will not contribute to your life.

The Abundant Life

So let’s piggyback on the phrase letting life happen from you and not letting life happen to you. It is certainly not having an abundant life for the purpose of others to see it but for YOU to live it. We know it sounds a bit complex so let’s take a step back and talk about creating an abundant life and mindset.

Impossible is Nothing - 100 Day Challenge

Men often are too conscious of not only how others live their lives but also how others view their lives. This makes us live a life that is not aligned with our passions and values. And this is extremely important. Abundant life can only unfold once it revolves around YOUR passions, interests, and values.

When this happens it instantly radiates from your presence alone.

Don’t FAKE It. BE It.

Men, and women alike, often live what nowadays is called an “Insta Life”. And if you are not familiar with that concept, let us explain what it means. An “Insta Life” refers to someone publicly portraying a false image of their lives. It comes from people posting media on Instagram (an image and video-sharing social network service/application) in either a conscious or subconscious effort to portray the desired lifestyle to the public’s eyes.

We believe all men are guilty of doing that at some point in their lives to some degree. There are various reasons why we, as men, feel the need to do so. But the important message here is that it is not mentally healthy for us. For one, you are not actually living that life you want to portray in the first place. And on the other hand, you are spending valuable effort on something inconsequential to your life. Meaning it does not add value to YOUR life. Do not fake having an abundant life as it serves no purpose to YOU.

Living the Abundant Life

Having an abundance mindset occurs when you live an abundant life. Align your passions, interests, hobbies, and everything else in between with your lifestyle. The world is an amazing place waiting to be explored. There are amazing people to be met and get to know. There are endless possibilities for every type of person, but it only unfolds in front of you if you are open to them.

Once you do that and you stop being so concerned about how people view you-you start fully enjoying those things that you want to do. This will also result in you refocusing that energy into creating more hobbies and habits that will make your life even more fun and fulfilling.the-abundance-mindset

We have always believed that life is way too short. We must focus our energy and valuable time on making the most of it. And taking advantage of the abundance of experiences out there in the real world. In this regard, what YOU experience and what YOU get from it it’s what truly matters.

Remember, having an abundance mindset occurs when you live an abundant life. And when this happens it instantly radiates from your presence alone.

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