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The Art Of Hacking Your Mind


There is a grim and growing feeling that our lives are not ours anymore. Or even worse, never were. Everything that makes us “us” seem to revolve and hang by a fragile thread of preconditioned thoughts and experiences. From the day we are born, we are preconditioned to see and experience the world and ourselves a certain way. The saying Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life has always brought us to realize that we are in fact what we think.

The idea that our minds are so intricately wired and preconditioned is fascinating. It is the only window to how we perceive the world, reality, and subsequently ourselves. It effectively takes us to a complex but yet fascinating idea: The Art of Hacking your Mind.

The Pre-Conditioned Mind

Think of our brains as very complex and powerful computers. The brain contains about a hundred billion brain cells, or often referred to as “Neurons”. They control different parts of our body, and govern our emotions, behaviors, thoughts, etc, by a process called synaptic firing. Synaptic firing is the pathway or language between our neurons that trigger an action in us. Both physical or emotional. Our brains use this process to learn how to walk, talk, eat, shoot a ball, think, etc. Therefore, we are a refined collection of specific synaptic firings (neuron connections) within our brains.

When we are born, our brains form specific neuron connections that only get stronger as we develop. This development process directly dictates how we think, act and experience the world. It is this preconditioned mindset that often only allows us to be only what our neuron connections allow us to be. Your reality, the way you see colors, the way you think, how you feel, and ultimately experience who you are is extremely limited and dependent on the neuron connections. Connections we have developed and accrued throughout our lives.


We Are What We Think

If we can only think of ourselves as far as our brain allows us to then it effectively limits us. It restricts us from unleashing our full potential and truly experiencing who we are. What you think right now it’s who you are. How you feel and perceive the world right now is your present and reality. Period. Every time you have an emotion or thought it dictates who you are. And every time you experience who you are, your brain is simply firing neuron connections that have been established over time.

Although the concept of how we feel and experience the world and who we are is strictly dependent and limited by the neuron connections our brains develop might be alarming, think of it as a realm of endless possibilities.

The Power Of Our Thoughts

It is this process within our brain that defines us. It also provides us with a window to endless possibilities and realities. There is a reason why some people are more successful than others. But more importantly why do only a very small percentage of humans truly feel fulfilled and enjoy an abundance of wealth and happiness. It is this understanding and deep connection of the power of their thoughts that have allowed them to not be constricted and preconditioned by a limited sense of who they are and what they can achieve.

Remember, we are what we think because ultimately what we think defines who we are. Think of it as input (thoughts) and output (reality). More importantly, remember that our brain consists of a hundred billion cells or neurons and that only a fraction of those neurons have made connections within our brains and are being utilized. The possibilities are almost endless, the potential resides within your mastery over your brain and thoughts. We are ultimately the key to unlocking endless possibilities and realities in our lives. We are the masters of our thoughts and therefore who we are.

The Art of Hacking Your Mind

Now that we hopefully understand how the thoughts in our brain define us and ultimately restrict us, like any computer, the brain can be hacked. And like learning how to walk and talk, it takes practice and repetition but more importantly discipline and a deep belief of its importance and impact in our lives.

It starts within you and ends within you. But what does that mean? Well like any other practice, it is a form of mastery that starts with what might seem minuscule and so obvious: Your thoughts. But instead of explaining this concept as it was poetry and a theory class, we will give you one of the most powerful but yet simple exercises you can do: Let the very first thought when you wake up in the morning be “Today I choose life, I choose happiness, joy and love.” then simply visualize the amazing day ahead of you. Visualize and feel those great accomplishments and amazing moments of joy throughout your day. We emphasize feel because it is important to empower your thoughts with emotions.

When we think and feel at the same time we are essentially creating a positive and powerful frequency in our brains that attracts that what we are visualizing and thinking of.

The Importance of Hacking Your Mind

Not only you can do this at the very start of your day but you can reprogram your brain throughout the day by daily affirmations. You are valuable and have amazing talents, but most people do not strongly believe it. Again, the way we are raised and wired throughout life limits us and makes us doubt and unfortunately forget how valuable we are. The more you train your brain to believe you are amazing and have a lot to offer, the more evident that reality will become and provide a sense of fulfillment.

It is extremely important you create those daily habits, although insignificant they may seem. Stick to them and have the discipline to practice them as they are the only clear sign of mind mastery and hacking.

It is this practice that although might seem inconsequential, is not at all. As we create new neuron connections and utilize more of our brains, you are empowering yourself to broaden the range of your thoughts, reality, and sense of your potential and true self. Not only you are shaping your thoughts and reality but these practices act as an exercise for life mastery. It will certainly translate to other parts of your life. The point of hacking and resetting your mind is to take control of your thoughts and therefore your life.

Unleash Your Potential, Discover Yourself

Knowledge is power, but it is not as powerful as applied knowledge. Even though you might not realize it, you provide immense value to Humanity and society. You simply haven’t unleashed the warrior in you.

Remember, discipline hurts temporarily but regret hurts for a long time.

If you would like to learn more about the art of hacking your mind check out The Code of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani. A must in every man’s book collection.

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