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The Biggest Problem With Men Today


What really is the biggest problem with men? Think about it for a minute. In today’s world, most men don’t want or are willing to put in the work needed to be “successful”, whatever that means for you. Even worse, some men do not even have aspirations or goals in life. Many are drawn to the distractions of video games, social media, and “hot” girls that do not add value to their lives. In this article, we outline what makes many men so weak and how they can increase their value.

Sadly, we live in a world that makes comfort easy and desirable. The biggest problem with men nowadays is not being challenged or challenging themselves. Plain and simple. Followed by the escapism of our own reality in the form of modern distractions through vices like video games, television, social media, porn, and even drug addiction which handicaps so many men from achieving their full potential. Many men today are complainers rather than go-getters. Perhaps moving away from our natural instinct to problem solve and build. And in a world driven by sheer patriarchal power, these men may find themselves in a cycle of doom and gloom.

And if you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of” – Jordan B. Peterson

These days, only a few men end up achieving any form of success. Why, because they put in the hard work, they are willing and eager to challenge themselves and escape social narratives and constructs. You need to understand that there is no shortcut to achieving great things in life. Most men do not; they would rather blame others for their bad situations rather than work to improve. The sad reality is that most men whine too much these days. They fall into society’s vices; into things designed to crush their manhood. You see, society often ridicules masculinity.

This Is Never The Right Way To Go

Men need to put in the work. Overcome the biggest challenge for men by challenging yourself. Push your limits. Simple. Society has designed a perception that men need to level up all the time. And the only way to do this is to work consistently even through pain and blood. Want to look better? Hit the gym, eat healthier, etc. Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Work the night shifts, get used to failure, etc. There really is no secret or shortcuts to achieving any form of success. You may watch a hundred self-help videos; read a thousand books on entrepreneurship but if you don’t put in those extra hours of work and dedication, nothing happens.

Remember, knowledge is not as powerful as applied knowledge.

Drop the blame game; no one is responsible for your success or failure but you, and you alone. If you work a little harder than everyone else, you will be more successful than 99% of men. You have to be honest with yourself; take a close look at your daily habits and more importantly your mindset.

The Mistake That Ruins The Lives Of 99% of Men

One of the biggest problem for men is women. A lot of men go about chasing women who offer nothing that complements their values. If you are one of those men, take a moment and read this article after you’re done with this one. They waste too much time tainting their personal image for toxic women who eventually pull them down. So many men are putting up with miserable relationships because they do not look beyond physical appearances. They find a beautiful woman and make them the center of their universe. A big mistake that happens to both women and men in long-term relationships.

We’ve all been in these relationships. You see, some women are infatuated with society’s portrayal of their physical image and because of this; they often feel a false sense of entitlement. Just as often as many men carry a false sense of superiority. We often find ourselves intertwined with such toxic women at some point in our lives. Therefore it is important to analyze our relationships with women and ask, “Why should I stay?”

Men need to start setting higher standards. Yes, society pressures us into loving women for their appearances, but long-lasting relationships aren’t founded on beauty; they last because of emotional and mental factors. So if a woman has a bad attitude, a poor personality, or is bad with finances, then you do not need her in your life. She will drag you down, not lift you up. And this is true even for your close circle of friends and family.

Infatuation is not love. You need to remove the veil and see beyond the construct that media has fabricated about beauty. If you continue to attach yourself to women with bad attitudes, habits, and mindsets, they will impede your personal and financial development. Some, not all, women are entitled; if given the chance, they will take and take until you can offer nothing more.

Identifying Toxic Women

You need an emotionally secure and driven woman. If a woman is super jealous about everything you do, then chances are she is not a good fit. When she is bad with her own money, again chances are she will mishandle yours. If she has a rocky relationship with her parents, why should she respect you? When she avoids discussions about your future together and stuff like that, she may have issues with commitment.

When a man has done the emotional and spiritual work, he sets a barrier between him and anything detrimental or toxic for his masculine energy. Luckily or unluckily depending on where you are in life, you attract what you are. And that’s where many men fail; they do not love themselves enough to be aware of their values. Men are not happy with themselves internally. Some make it easy for other people to disrespect him.

Ways Men Can Increase Their Value

The biggest advice is to have a deep and meaningful purpose. In a few months from now, you should work to be at a higher place spiritually, financially, physically, etc etc. Staying in the same position, as a man, breeds and calls for disrespect. It screams low self-value and worth. But the moment you chase your goals and avoid distractions, you become the so much discussed ‘alpha male’. Whatever that means.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Manly Values Today And Avoid The Biggest Problem For Men:

Remove That Toxic Woman

Why put up with women that drag you down and are detrimental to your masculine energy? What do you really hope to gain from dating a pretty woman that constantly puts you down? There is no reason to keep a toxic woman, or any person for that matter, in your life. If you can, remove her from all social media platforms. Your masculine energy and resources should be protected at all costs. Rather than tolerating a toxic woman who is just a liability, you should spend more time working hard towards your goals and purpose.

Ditch Pornography

Porn is poison. It has nothing valuable to offer, except emotional trauma and sexual discontent. Put a porn blocker; start NoFap—do whatever it takes to stay away from those gross, toxic visual images. Porn is visual cocaine; it’s a distraction no man needs. Porn completely objectifies women and men and distorts sexuality.

Invest Your Money

Challenge yourself; put your money where your mouth is. Create a tangible goal and work towards it. Set deadlines; take the risk. Invest your time and money in projects you truly care about and you will level up in due time. Above all, be consistent and patient. Great empires take time to build.

Find A Suitable Teammate

You cannot do it alone. You need a teammate; a person that has the same mindset as you. Things are bound to go wrong along your journey of personal development. However, by having a partner who shares your values and is willing to support you, you will have no excuses to back out and will always chase your goals relentlessly.

Remove All Distractions

You, and only you, know what is stopping you from your vision. Look deep down within yourself and you will find things that clutter your mind; things that distract you from achieving your goals. Protect your mental energy by removing all distractions. Be laser-focused, be consistent and stay away from time-wasters. 

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The Biggest Problem For Men

No matter what aspect of life: business, marriage, relationship, fitness; everything you do requires consistency and focus. It requires challenging yourself, so challenge yourself! Always push forward, consistently level up, do yourself a favor and stay away from toxic influences.

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