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The Biggest Problem With Women Today


When men scroll through social media, we often find ourselves mesmerized by the flashy images of beautiful women. We often sit back and imagine what it would be like to date such women, fantasizing about their bodies and whatnot. Many men, who do this, tend to glorify the body of a woman over the mind.

This is where they get it wrong. This is why many men find themselves in unfulfilling relationships.

Who can blame us? Today, society has made it easy for women to act entitled to a man’s attention, wealth, and energy. And a man who should be setting the standards in a relationship often puts up with narcissistic women who care about nothing else but their own gratification. If you are one such man, who tolerates a troublesome woman because of what they offer sexually, you should know; you’re wasting your time.

Female Entitlement | How to Identify Toxic Women

Go on; scroll through your Instagram feed, and you’ll find numerous women glorifying their own childishness and slandering men. This is super relatable; we’ve all seen captions like, ‘That man ain’t right for you if he can’t put up with your attitude’ etc. It’s just a one-sided statement most times, but these statements say a lot about these women in general.

Statements like these show the traits of a toxic woman; a woman who feels entitled to love, care, money and respect without ever adding value to a relationship. Or even worse thinking they have something of value to provide when in reality they do not.

Okay, so how do we identify toxic women? Good question. Really, it starts with the standards you choose and the values you present to that woman. See, it is common for a man to be super nice to a woman he’s interested in; to take her on lovely dates; buy her gifts, etc. At the same time, it’s common for a woman to just receive these beautiful things without reciprocating the gesture.

That, men, is the first sign of a toxic woman. And so, you have to lay down the marker and ask her this: “What Do You Bring to The Table?” or “What will I gain from committing to this relationship?”


This question really unsettles women, because not many men ask this. Most women are used to the adoration they receive from numerous men, and so they really just play along because it suits them. The moment you ask this question, a toxic woman may feel unsettled. In fact, that woman may evade the question altogether, because she is already used to being treated like a baby—loved unconditionally without question.

As Chris Rock so eloquently stated: “Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provides something”.

IMPORTANT: Just remember this goes both ways. Do not expect a high-quality woman if you have nothing to offer and you, yourself, are not high value. You attract what you are.

What Exactly Should A Woman Bring to Relationship?

Usually, when you ask a woman what she brings to the table, she replies with stuff like, “I’m loyal.” Well, that’s basic and a given. If she says, “I’m a good listener; I’m fun to be with …” then chances are, she really has nothing more to offer. If she’s really narcissistic, she’ll withdraw sex, right after you ask this question, just to play the victim. These right here are the traits of a toxic woman.

As a man, you have values that define you. You sacrifice time for money and do not receive pro bono benefits as most women do. Your time and mental health are more important than anything. You really don’t want to waste your time hanging around toxic women. So if you have to let go of that beautiful woman with an entitled attitude, by all means, you should.

Men deserve better. We deserve a whole lot more than just financially-induced ‘sex’ and nonchalant attitudes from women. In a nutshell, a good woman should be able to provide you with these things:


Do you know that most divorces are initiated by women? We hate to mention it but Johnny Depp’s situation with his ex-wife is a good example of a toxic relationship. Because if you’re out there grinding and being competitive, the last thing you want is to come home to a woman who nags you to sleep. Your woman should be your safe haven and comforter in hard times. Anything else is just not up to standard. Period.

Cooperation and Consistency

A toxic woman is generally lazy and entitled; a bad combination that reveals itself glaringly when living with her. If she’s around you, living rent-free in your home and not contributing to the groceries or housekeeping; she definitely doesn’t have much to offer. Cut her off!

Submission & Great Sex

So many women are used to the idea of using sex as a means of control. They limit sex so that men work extremely hard for their satisfaction. So, if she withholds sex just to get financial gratification from you, this is not a woman you want to be with. You deserve a woman who submits to you, emotionally and physically, not because she needs something, but because she genuinely wants to be with you. Sex and genuine desire should absolutely not be negotiated. Remember, women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of relationships.

Show Gratitude

Some women feel so entitled to their man’s wealth that they see him as a credit card they can swipe endlessly. The bad part is, they don’t pay back or compensate for their man’s efforts. If you’re a man working your hats off to provide for your woman, you deserve some gratitude. She has to be willing to step up and buy you things, make efforts to plan dates and activities or even life goals with you, or even organize surprise dinners as well. This is a sign of a quality woman that genuinely values you and is worth fighting for and committing to.


The issue with ‘female empowerment today is that it has been twisted to mean ‘female entitlement’ aka toxic women. Too many women today, believe they don’t have to fight to stay in relationships. They often see it as too much of a hassle. Why, because they have options—‘simps’ drooling over their DMs. If your woman jumps ship at the first sight of conflict and doesn’t even make attempts to reconcile, chances are she isn’t very committed to your relationship.


Most beautiful women today are both lazy and entitled. A good woman should treat your relationship as a joint venture, not a safety net to exploit you. She should share the risks of the relationship and support you in your time of need. And vice-versa. A relationship takes work and a mutual effort. It should never be one-sided.

Remember, you set the standards and the frame of the relationship. You lead. If a lady does not match your values, there is really no point in being with her. A woman who is right for you will acknowledge your efforts in her life, both emotionally and financially; and will make compromises to make your relationship work.

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