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The Importance of Self Confidence

Many aspects of men’s lives are dictated by confidence. Self-confidence is often both underrated and overrated. However, it is a critical part of every man’s life. It directly correlates to how successful we are as men personally, romantically, and financially. The importance of self-confidence is vast and out of all the content I will publish every week on this site, confidence is the proper place to start.

But before we dive into this topic, I want you to ask yourself: Who Am I? I believe it is extremely important to understand who we are as men to become that modern distinguished gentlemen we all want to be.

Let’s Define Self Confidence

Simply put and straight out of the dictionary, self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. We often mistake self-confidence for a false belief of who we are as men. And more often than not, the result is an arrogant image of ourselves towards the world. Self-confidence is not an arrogant man going around treating everyone else as less than him. Far from it, it is a clear understanding of who your abilities and qualities and how you interpret that outwards. It simply is how well you understand who you are as a man.

As mentioned above, self-confidence is that clear sense of your skills, traits, and intelligence. It translates into your inner self and ultimately the world around you. Beyond an external image, you will carry outside in the world, it is that deep connection with your true self and everything that goes along with it.

Defining Yourself

The key here is to understand what defines you as a man. Those fundamental values, belief systems, and passions make you who you are. And in that regard, this is naturally a very personal exercise. So let’s go back to that initial question at the beginning of this article: Who Am I?

The key here is not to install a false sense of security or self-image, quite the opposite. The main factor here is to have a solid grasp of your individuality and applying that inwards and subsequently outwards. And just like any other exercise, it takes time and practice. It just simply takes a mastery approach and a certain level of elegance. the-importance-of-self-confidence

The Importance of Self Confidence

The importance is quite vast to be completely frank. It directly correlates to how successful we are as men both personally, romantically, and financially. It dictates many aspects of our lives without even realizing it most often. And because self-confidence is both an internal and external image of ourselves, it carries itself around us and effectively becomes us.

To me, personally, this has been a long road to understanding my abilities, qualities, and intelligence. I often thought I understood those abilities and those qualities that made me who I was as a man. Unfortunately, I often misunderstood them and inadvertently portrait and carried a false image of myself around the world. The reason why I am making a point of this is that it directly translated into my career, my relationships, and more importantly the image I have of myself.

How It Translates In Your Life

The impact self-confidence has in men’s lives is immense. Without even realizing it, it creates ripples that touch every aspect of your life. Because it is as much an internal as it is an external image it translates into you that men who you believe you are. Simply put, you become that man you believe you so falsely believe in. I’ve always thought this phrase had a lot of weight in relationships and throughout my own personal growth process, it has gained even more momentum. You can only make someone as happy as you are with yourself.

Think about that phrase for a minute…

Now let’s break that down. We are very social beings, we thrive in social settings. It is simply how we are wired. So by that idea, we are highly keen and feed off each other’s mindset. Now if your own image of yourself is that of uncertainty and constant doubt and fear, then you slowly portrait that image outwards. It simply affects and impacts you as that social being that you are and thrive on.

Applying Self Confidence Into Your Life

Once you have a solid sense of who you are, then it is a process of following your gut instinct and letting it transpire in your thoughts, behavior, and actions. Let it that feeling of trust in your abilities, qualities, and judgment naturally become apparent in how you carry yourself. That feeling of trust in yourself is absolutely for you to nourish and own.


Let it come across in those simple day-to-day interactions. Do not doubt it or second guess it, embrace it.

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