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The Key To The Locked Door


In the grand scheme of things, progress equals happiness. Although the world is full of hardship and turmoil, there is still a way to achieve something truly valuable. Life is hard and the only way to excel and stay happy is to keep growing. This article highlights the importance of struggle and the end goal of overcoming hardship and finding your life’s true purpose.

Once you come face to face with who you are, you have a starting point. We all start from a place of no courage and no self-esteem. More than often, this is our starting point. By acknowledging our weaknesses, we take the very first step to achieving greatness. However, if we lie to ourselves that we are strong and have courage, these lies will continue to withdraw us from the starting point.

The starting point is…

…the truth; and to access it, you must admit all your imperfections and flaws. 

Now that your starting point is established, and you have identified the problems holding your life back; the next step is to pursue Progress. However, progress is undeniably fleeting; even if you did manage to make progress physically, emotionally, and mentally, how long do you imagine this would last? There are no rules to live whatsoever; therefore, to truly find fulfillment, you must find a way to find your personal boundaries and always push past them.

Identifying Your Limitations 

As humans, our being is limited and flawed, and fragile. The immense potential that every one of us has is often constrained into this tiny living space. But the one fact that you have limitations means that the plot of your life is overcoming those limitations. And that if you didn’t have these limitations, there wouldn’t be a plot, and there possibly would be no life.

Hence, this is the major reason why you have to accept the fact that you’re flawed and insufficient; that in order to truly make progress, you must live with your imperfections and consider them a precondition for existing.

Unlocking The Brain

Your brain is the most powerful weapon in the world. The moment you put away your phones and computers, you are left with only your brain. You discover, shockingly, that you are alone in this world. While this can be a troublesome thought, you realize as well that you have 24 hours a day where you are alone in this brain of yours. And if you took a second to breathe and relax, you’ll find that your brain talks to you in all kinds of ways, trying its hardest to pull you into these different pockets.

The brain is powerful. If you can’t control your brain and you let it control you, you’ll find yourself drifting endlessly away from your purpose, potential, and progress. You have to take control of your brain, if not, it’s over. By unlocking the powers of the brain, you gain a new level of understanding and can take on the various challenges of life with newfound courage.

In fact, this concept is so critical to life that we dedicated an entire article about hacking your brain. Read it once you are done with this article, here.

Love Yourself And Find Peace

Ask yourself, within the course of your lifetime, how much capacity do you have to be peaceful? If you have the capacity to be peaceful, then it means you love yourself. And if this is the case, it means you’re almost certainly moving in the right direction. Why, because as human beings, we have a natural and innate inclination to being peaceful. It is in our DNA; however, you must be aware of your mind’s shortcomings, your body’s flaws, and your spirit’s limitations to find that peace.

Because when we are at peace with ourselves, we experience our enlightened consciousness. This is true when we can reach for something out of the ordinary; something of value; something of great significance and success. And what more could that be than Progress.

Achieving Indefinite Progress In Life

The formula for progress is simple: Pain + Reflection. If you take reflection out of that equation, all you’re left with is pain—nobody wants that. With pain comes a myriad of negative experiences such as stress, pressure, and challenge. With pain, we are tossed into an endless struggle with our potential and are blinded by undue remorse for ourselves, when indeed we could reflect on our mistakes and MOVE ON.

When we reflect on pain, we have the opportunity to make progress in our lives. Treat yourself like someone you love. You are the only one who could make yourself happy. Remember, whatever it is your face now is temporary; there will always be better days ahead, more progress to be made. So before seeking for more in this vast vacuum of life, look deep within, reconcile your fears and traumas and you will be set on a path of endless progress.

Keep Believing In Yourself

For every successful person that you see in life, they each have that story of depression; a story where they stopped believing in themselves and almost crumbled to their knees. That’s part of the process; it’s a part of coming face to face with who you really are. So you sit and wonder, ‘how do I overcome this feeling of despair and depression?’, and just by asking this question, for the first time in your life, you find some semblance of purpose. You discover, suddenly, a real hunger to go out and study the great ones, the ones who overcame struggle and became successful.

In today’s world, without our consent, we are tossed headfirst into a life of crisis and turmoil. For a while, we try to fit into the program, making a modest living, until our lives come into contact with a threatening sort of reality—a ‘wakeup call’, in other words. Suddenly, we are faced with extreme anxiety about what’s to come. And this, this is when you truly realize that you are alone in this world. So, why would you ever stop believing in yourself?

Because the moment you identify yourself with something—nation, family, gender, race, religion, whatever— your intellect will only function around that to protect that. Doing this creates a certain type of prejudice the moment you’re identified. So the best thing to do for yourself is to never identify yourself with anything and to only love yourself for yourself.

You matter; we all matter in our different unique ways. Even though you go through these different challenges and obstacles in life, understand that it’s natural to face these challenges. They teach us something about ourselves and why we’re here. They show us that we matter, that our truth matters and is worth sharing with the rest of the world.

Loving Yourself Brings Confidence

You have to force yourself in a moment of self-doubt to do something. And when you see yourself taking action, the confidence follows. Confidence is the willingness to try, and you display this willingness when you take action. It’s quite similar to the relationship between courage and fear; you can’t have courage without facing fears; so also, you can’t have confidence without facing self-doubt.

It’s important to dig deep within you. When you come home to yourself, then you own who you are and you own your voice. Focus on your ideas and make sure they are yours. We are the authors of our own ambitions. Therefore you must open yourself up to new experiences and to new role models. This sets a pattern for what it means to be an adult.

What better way to be an adult than to be in touch with the child that you once were? Love yourself and everything else will fall into place.

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