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The Most Attractive Trait To Women

Not getting second looks from women? Then the chances are you’re not as attractive as you think you are. The truth is; women pay attention to the finer details. If you don’t tick the right boxes, you may never attract women that you truly admire. Here, we talk about the various reasons why you aren’t getting girls and what you need to do to become attractive to women.

You’ve probably heard the cliché rulebook on how to get girls: grow a beard, hit the gym, smell amazing, walk on water, become unavailable, etc. While these things may work on certain women (probably those with low self-esteem), they won’t help you attract women you absolutely desire.

What’s the solution? Well, the answer to your problems lies in the numerous subconscious things that we, like men, often do. Before we analyze the various things that attract women, we need to talk about things you’re doing that are scaring the girls away. Hold on to your seats, because you may be guilty of all of them.

8 Reasons Why You’re Unattractive to Women

These are brutally and vigorously honest, but it’s for your own good.

Having a Lazy Attitude

We cannot stress this enough: lazy men are super unattractive. It is no secret that women find hardworking men, who are adequately motivated, attractive. The truth is, if you are lazy, i.e. you like to sleep all day, smoke pot, watch porn, have no job, no reliable income, live in your father’s basement; you will never be as attractive to women.

No one likes a lazy man. We are the dominant species. You shouldn’t be on your butt playing video games all day; you should be scheming and planning towards your future. The more active you are in your daily life, the more confidence you will exhibit, and the more women will find you attractive.

Always Sexualising Women

Man, stop it! If you think and talk about every woman that comes your way in a sexual manner, chances are you are addicted to porn. You should stop because women hate that. No lady likes to be sexualized—these beautiful angelic female creatures offer so much more than sex. They live, breathe, and think as well or better than the average man. So, for heaven’s sake, keep your sexual rhetoric to yourself, especially in public!

Terrible Fashion Sense

Your clothes say a lot about the man than you know. Don’t be that guy that doesn’t take fashion seriously. You are responsible for your style, so please give your cloth selections some thought. Ensure you wear clothes that are snug and in good condition. Money has nothing to do with style; it’s inherent, so don’t blame your fashion sense on the money. You can find many incredible clothing deals at thrift outlets or in online stores.

Bad Hair

Do you know that good hair is a strong factor for US presidential candidates to get elected? Why should you care: because good hair is super attractive! And this goes beyond the quantity of hair on your head, it focuses on how you choose to style and groom your hair. 

Hair is important. So if you’re getting paranoid about your hair loss, that’s fine, it shows that you care about your appearance. There are countless products on the internet that help counteract signs of balding. That being said, rocking a bald look can just be attractive as a mop of hair; depends on you rock it. If you’ve already gone bald, however, you can balance and improve your facial appearance with facial hair. 

Ladies love that sh

Being a Pretender

Don’t cave into the social media bandwagon circus; it’s perfectly fine to be yourself. A lot of men go about living their daily lives in the worst way possible: being inauthentic. No one likes a pretender; no one, not even the pretenders. Crazy…

Understand that you are not perfect; everyone has flaws, so it’s perfectly normal to put that on display. To be authentic, wear clothes you love, talk about things you’re passionate about; be honest about your likes and dislikes. Also, don’t do anything for the gram. Trust me, ladies love an authentic man.

Craving Attention in Public

If you’re a loud talker, you need to fix that. Women get turned off by men who talk a little too much and a little too loud, especially in public. No one wants to hear your disturbing discussions, so lower your voice by a few decibels. Speak as calmly as possible when in public, ladies are attracted by men who can control themselves.

Worse than a loud talker is a close talker; it’s creepy. Don’t be that guy who makes a woman step back when talking; it is invasive and demeaning. Also, fix that bad breath… please.

Acting Self-Righteous

Seriously, self-righteous people are terrible people. These are persons who feel like they are morally superior to others all the time. To be honest, self-righteous people are often morally corrupt and well, broke. No one likes them.

Self-righteousness is a terrible trait to have. Women don’t find self-righteousness men attractive at all. Rather, be humble; listen more than you speak, and understand the morals in every situation. Humble men are attractive to everyone.

The All-in-One Trait That Every Attractive Man Possesses

One tip to have them all; to attract every woman.

What is this all-in-one trait, and why do attractive men have this? Here it is:

Being a MAN with Options

Women are attracted to the alpha-male; the man with the ideas; and ultimately the man with the resources. In a capitalist world dominated by men, the impetus lies on every man to create and fashion numerous paths to various opportunities. In other words, the man with options has a Plan A to Plan Z for everything.

If a job doesn’t work out, the attractive man has options. If a relationship turns sour, the attractive man has options. The attractive man is a King within, and Kings own a kingdom full of ‘options’. This is the key trait. To imbibe this trait, you need to have an abundance mindset, a mind that always looks on towards the ‘next thing’. 

When you come across an attractive man, you can feel a certain aura of abundance. This trait, this aura leaves a lasting impression on women. So, rather than focus on getting women, focus on building the King within. The more you do this, the more options you’ll have in life; the more women you’ll have chasing you, and the better you’ll be able to choose from these options.

First, become a King; and the queens will have no choice but to follow.



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