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The Power of Self-Discipline: Letting Go Of The Excuses


Men want to succeed in every aspect of life. After all who doesn’t? We all have desires, dreams, and goals that keep us feeling alive and purposeful. But how do you even go about achieving those dreams? How do you build spiritual and intellectual strength to go through the hard work, sweat, tears, pain, and even joy to establish consistency and growth? Self-discipline is key.

Men often do not understand and embrace the importance of pain, struggle, failure, and joy that occurs throughout life. Is it all about instant gratification and small wins in life?

We are firm believers in self-discipline to achieve life and mind mastery. Self-discipline is the bridge between visualizing your dreams and achieving your dreams. And while discipline might hurt temporarily, we assure you that regret will hurt for a very long time.

It’s NOT Enough to Dream, It’s NOT Enough to Visualize

What growth will entail is a change in mindset. Growth will occur by establishing and embracing positive and sustainable habits in your life. Growth and success will not knock on your door, nor is it around the corner. It is rather across a bridge called self-discipline. Keeping the spark for more in life ignited within you is vital. A big part of that spark that drives you to grow is fueled by curiosity from both internal and external sources.

If you ever find yourself being successful (whatever that means to you as success is a relative concept) you will appreciate it more because of the work you put into it. There is consistency, self-discipline, and pain that go along with growth and success. While it is vastly important to take that first step driven by your dreams, it will be fueled by various factors and the outcome will highly depend on embracing self-discipline as a fundamental part of who you are.

Letting Go Of The Excuses

One of the biggest reasons keeping us from unleashing our true potential, accomplishing greatness, and mastering life are toxic belief systems in our minds. We often use excuses as a way to avoid challenges and therefore the failure and the pain that often occurs in the process. The “but’s” and the “if’s” outweigh the very reason why we should, because it is simply the easiest way for us to maintain simplicity and familiarity in our lives.

There will always be a thousand reasons why we should or shouldn’t do things in our lives. The “ifs” and “buts” are pretty abundant in modern life and are sadly driving factors preventing us from growing, succeeding, living purposefully, fulfilling our dreams, and accomplishing amazing things. We have, to put it simply, become beings of conformity.
At the very bottom of those, driving factors are toxic belief systems.

Learn To Fail And Grow From It

Once you learn to see failure as a window toward growth, a door to endless possibilities opens up. Men should learn to thrive on failure and the truth is the more you challenge yourself the more failure will be a reality in your life. Remember, it is not a bad thing. And even though we know it doesn’t sound appealing, those of us that understand that the only substantial way to grow is to expose our toxic beliefs, our weaknesses, and our insecurities. What comes out of it is inevitably a better version of yourself.

As long as men fully believe in themselves, failure will be a blessing in disguise. For an article on the power of self-confidence, check our article here. And like many other aspects of your life, self-discipline comes down to practice. The amazing things in life rarely come in silver plates to our doors, while possible, we find it extremely rare. Even if that was to be the case you would bypass the process that leads to true growth and overlook the meaning within that process that makes growth and success so meaningful and sustainable.

Create Sustainable And Positive Habits

As mentioned in the last section, discipline is rather an art that requires practice. Mastering your life and the different aspects of it will come from practice, trial, and error. Part of that practice revolves around creating sustainable and positive habits.

For us it is as simple as making the bed every morning of every day, it is a foundation block for self-discipline, regardless of whether it is at first sight significant. We mention our best morning routine in one of our articles. Check it out here. The opposite example of this would be hitting that gnarly snooze button. That is by far one of the worst things you can do in your day-to-day life, procrastinate. Not so much because of, again, the importance of what you are trying to avoid doing but the very mindset you are putting yourself in when you do so.

There are so many examples of healthy and positive habits that we won’t list them here, nor is it the focus of this article. Our point, however, is that shifting your mindset so leads to self-discipline and life mastery. The power of self-discipline.
Perhaps, try conquering the small things within your life like making your bed. It is the underlying concept that is invaluable and will translate clearly in other parts of your life.

Your Time Is Now

The 2:1 ratio will be key to mastering discipline. Not sure how much time you have spent reading through this article but if you had a chance to time yourself, try spending double that time to dig and analyze your toxic beliefs, your fears, and weaknesses, and your “ifs” and “but’s”.

Try your best to expose them for as much as vulnerable that might sound to you. Embrace that feeling of vulnerability and humbleness, and understand it so deeply as to feel it be an opportunity to learn and grow. Then, only then, make it a part of you and think of it as a missing key within your being.

For everything you learn and the knowledge you gain, spend twice the time applying it. This is the 2:1 ratio.

Now that you have it, use it to unlock that many locked doors within you.

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