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The Science Of Motivation


The possibilities are truly endless. What we can achieve is beyond our wildest dreams. We dream, it’s a big part of what makes us human. The reality is that life is not a straight and leveled road, and it can be downright rough at times. But where some see obstacles, others see opportunity. Those that see opportunity understand the science behind motivation.

On the other hand, those that only see obstacles are being controlled by fear and anxiety. And they can be powerful forces in our lives that can cripple us. To learn more about fear and anxiety, we will drop links to two articles we published on each subject. Fear can cripple us, hold us hostage and deny us growth, success, and happiness. So does anxiety. It can rob us of courage and opportunity. 

What man does not want to succeed, be abundant, and be happy in life? Remember, we as men are in control of our thoughts and actions.

Obstacle vs Opportunity

Do you want to be that person that sees opportunities rather than obstacles? 

Then it is of utmost importance to understand the science of motivation. And it is just as important to understand the science behind fear and how the brain operates when making decisions or perceives challenges. Take some time studying the brain, the various parts, or better neuroscience as a whole. It will pay off to understand the organ that pretty much governs your reality and superficially (not spiritually) defines you.

Let’s start with what is holding you back: Fear and anxiety within your brain 

Fear is a natural emotion. And in fact, it is critical for our survival. We see danger (Tiger, snake, etc), fear hits, and we run aka fight or flight response. It is primal and instinctual. It is that simple. Fear is triggered in the Amygdala region of our brains that in summary causes a chemical reaction to other parts of the brain and ultimately our bodies for fight or flight response. Throughout hundreds of years of evolution, our brain has developed and been wired for survival to be a natural instinct. And it makes sense. Generally speaking, we want to live and avoid dying. 

Likewise, the brain has also been wired to process information based on automated processes. More specifically, the basal ganglia region of our brains is responsible to execute habits. To understand some intricacies of our behavior, check this article “How The Brain Works: Default vs Direct Mode“. We also recommend reading one of our previous articles for an in-depth look at The Power of Habits

Both of these aspects contribute to how we perceive obstacles.

The Science Behind Motivation: How Your Brain Reacts To Motivation

Men are driven by two main factors: Necessities and Rewards.

Both are natural motivating factors. From a scientific perspective, there is a rewards system in our brains composed of different regions in our brain. Regions such as Hippocampus, Amygdala, and Prefrontal Cortex. Neurons in all of these different regions of the brain communicate using dopamine. Our thoughts and belief systems are always creating and solidifying these connections between these neuron networks.

Effectively creating emotional associations with the reward system. In layman’s terms, think of the relation between command -> execution -> treat in a dog. In this sense, this would be a clear example of motivation. This means that every time you do something “good” or “right” you build emotional stimuli that reinforce that behavior. That drives motivation.

Our intention is not to simplify how motivation works. But to rather give you a perspective so you can approach this at a much deeper level. However, if you wish to learn more about the science behind motivation we recommend this article by Brainfacts

Naturally, you might be tempted to ask yourself, how do we as men push and keep ourselves motivated? Unfortunately, if that is your approach, you simply are approaching it at the wrong angle. While it is important to understand the mechanics of motivation within our brains, the approach is slightly different. Rather, it should be approached as to how do we consciously teach our brains to recognize an endless source of the drive. 

Success Is Not A Destination

We as men need to emphasize the process that leads to the outcome rather than the destination. This is what we call Destination Sickness, we say things like “I will be happy when _______”.  Men often see success as a destination and we simply lose perspective and therefore motivation.

It is important to understand that what will ultimately bring sustainable motivation it’s personal growth itself aka the process or journey. We advocate for building a strong foundation that will cement a strong character and a clear identity of who you are. There is a symbiotic relationship between motivation, process, and achievement. A huge part of that process is mindfulness. It is being completely present and aware of the automated daily choices we make that are breaking us as presented in our The Power of Habits article. And while it is the hardest phase of the process, it is NOT unattainable. 

Most of the daily choices men make are dictated by default and/or our current emotions and reality. The biggest problem for men besides not being challenged is we simply roll with the punches. We let life happen to us and not from us. Success is subjective, but indeed having a life mastery approach that will bring abundance, sustainable achievements, and a happiness mindset is a common ground for success.

We call this true wealth.

The Journey Is Just As Important

As mentioned before, the process and journey are critical in this process. In the same way that if your approach is to push yourself to stay motivated, emphasizing and expecting an instant reward is also very detrimental. It will certainly asphyxiate whatever motivation you have built up until that point. If something comes easily into your life, it will not provide the same rewarding feeling as something you have gone through a growth process to attain it. Trust us. This is partially why men that win the lottery often find themselves broke, unsatisfied, and ultimately homeless after a short period.

Learning how to master your life and be in complete control of your destiny is of immense value. The journey is indeed just as important as achieving a goal.

What Is Your Endless Source Of Motivation?

Life is a journey, a gift, a miracle, and also a dream. Hopefully, without sounding dorky, the treasures and mysteries that are within it are simply amazing. Most men lack certain key aspects that prevent us from unleashing our true potential. It is true we each walk our own paths, but we also share and are provided with the same ability to achieve pretty rad things. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Learn to be present and be conscious about those daily choices we make that are detrimental to your dreams. Learn and understand the science behind motivation. Find and implement new habits that will be constructive towards your dreams. We recommend this book, that when we read it, it transformed our lives in a very positive way. It is called “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.

Just as important, find your endless source of motivation that will keep you pushing forward and remain consistent and focused.

Define those values within yourself that are bigger than yourself. 

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