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The World Is Yours: Travel & Explore Yourself

Let’s continue the journey to a distinguished gentleman. We now have a clear understanding of the importance of self-confidence and the concept of the abundance mindset. There are other pillars of a distinguished gentleman which we will cover at a later time. However, we feel that this article needed to be covered before discussing other topics. We strongly believe that your mindset should focus on sensing that the world is yours.

But before going any further, we must understand that this mindset needs to come from a place of humility. The mindset of the world is yours can be easily confused with a sense of ownership and carelessness towards it. Therefore, we take it for granted and treat it disrespectfully. That is not the idea here. The goal is to expose yourself to what this planet has to offer. And to truly feel a connection with it. To fully understand where you come from, to learn others’ perspectives, and fit your part of the puzzle into the bigger picture. This will truly give you a better perspective on who we are as men and human beings.

The World At Your Feet

This does not mean the world surrenders at your feet. Quite the opposite. Again, the world-is-yours mindset should fully come from a place of humility. What this means is that there is an endless horizon in front of you waiting to be discovered. It is there to be explored. It is meant to be walked. The idea of seeing stunning places, meeting amazing people, and experiencing unimaginable moments is something that awaits you. It is literally right at your feet.Live an Epic Life - 100 Day Challenge The ability to recognize the outstanding things waiting to be discovered is completely up to you. It does start with not only a natural feeling of curiosity and desire to grow but with a sense that the world is at your feet. In the end, this concept is unique and personal to each of us as men. If you recall my previous article “The Importance of Self Confidence“, we mention that it is a unique journey and we must align it with our own values, passions, and abilities.

Let Go of the Fear of Traveling Solo

To some of us, the idea of traveling solo can be overwhelming. It is not only the uncertainty and to some extent insecurity of being by ourselves but the fear we won’t enjoy our own company. We as men need to be able to be strong enough to recognize our own flaws. We are simply not perfect or some of us want to be perfect and that in return is our imperfection. Speaking from experience most of us rather enjoy the company of someone. And in an ideal world, yes that would be great. However, it is also often a void within ourselves that does not allow us to fully enjoy our own company.

the-world-is-yoursWe might believe that we are not savvy or bold enough to figure things on our own and even endure uncomfortable situations. And this often stops us or acts as an excuse to not travel by ourselves. We would even argue that traveling solo can serve the very purpose of this article. The goal is to connect yourself with the world. To expose yourself to those unknowns and the unfamiliar. To push your boundaries and horizons. And what that means is exactly doing it on our own sometimes.

Why Travel At Least Once a Year

The world is a big place. Period. There are hundreds of countries, different cultures and traditions, and billions of people. While we might not get to see all of them in our lives, the least we can do is try to experience as much as we can. Life is relatively short when you think about it. Men spend a vast amount of time working and providing for others. The least we can do is invest in ourselves. Travel can be expensive but it is more expensive for your growth if you don’t invest in traveling and exploring yourself.

We understand work does get in the way. Most of us have a limited amount of PTO (Personal/Paid Time Off) but it does not have to always be a long or abroad trip. While ideal to push yourself to farther places, that does not mean you can’t do short/closer trips. The idea is to simply get to experience something new. Even if that means the next town over. We should not let excuses get in the way.

Our Tips and Advice

Our main advice is to simply not think twice or too much about planning a trip. In our experience, all it takes is a destination. Whether is a nearby or far destination, all we need is a way to get there. The rest of the logistics will unfold along the way. Most times, the best experiences come from random or spontaneous moments and desires. Simply follow your heart and your instinct. If you truly want to experience a country, look up a flight, check your PTO balance (if applicable) and book the flight. We know we’ve done it before and it has never been a bad decision when it comes to traveling.the-world-is-yours

Another tip we can offer is to trust your instincts. When you are traveling, especially solo, there will be a lot of uncertainty or risk. See it as an opportunity to become stronger mentally and a door to unlock and come out a better you. As you become a more experienced traveler you’ll notice yourself making better decisions.

Our last advice is to put yourself out there. Speak to as many people as possible. Remember, everyone has a little piece of the puzzle. Furthermore, get to know the role of man in different cultures, learn and embrace as much as you can from experiencing that. Try to make true connections along the way.

The World Is Yours: Travel & Explore Yourself

That last sentence is a nice segway to this last section and that is to explore yourself when you travel. Not only you should be exploring the world around you but exploring the world within you. When you truly experience the role of men in different countries and cultures, you inevitably make connections within yourself. It broadens your perspective of men in society. Analyze the good and the bad equally. Fully understand what those traditions mean to you. What can you implement from that to your own values and qualities?

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