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What Is Your Vision?


Let’s kick this new year with a challenge and a simple question: What is your vision? We believe that a man with a vision has half of the battle already fought for. And in today’s society, we desperately need men who are able to dream of things that never were.

So let’s seek wisdom from a woman of strength. “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”, said Helen Keller; an American author and political activist. She was the first-ever deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. If this isn’t enough to motivate you, then we don’t know what will.

Travis Scott also said, “you can’t buy vision; you can’t buy aesthetic.” Our imaginations run wild too often not to have some sort of direction – a vision. So what is your vision? A vision carries weight; it is your mind’s most valuable dream or imagination. Its form is endless as your vision can morph into a series of dreams combined with life goals. It is the why of your existence and its importance in society. 

A vision teleports us through time into an uncertain future and sets a firm foundation in that realm of obscurity. In simple words, a vision is what you would like to accomplish over a longer period. A vision is the “why” of our existence. Without it, we can be nothing.

Men’s Approach To Vision

For a man, having a purpose should be his ultimate goal. Hopefully, it is the torch you will carry high and pass down to your children to carry it even higher than you did. The weight of having visions can be enormous for men. Society puts undue pressure on men. It’s not very hard to see why many men break down in depression and despair, afraid of failing in life while wading through the murky waters of failure. Sadly, most men walk aimlessly, alienated, and depleted. Barely accepting the bare minimum for his existence and oftentimes less.

Do you feel like you have no clear vision or direction? Do you feel like your life is running in circles? Do you feel lost in life? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then know that you are not alone. Most men have a time in their lives when they feel worthless and directionless. It’s the bane many men have to suffer. It’s the cross we bear.

Having a vision can help put your life back on track. But what exactly can a vision do for you? Let’s find out…

What Does Having A Vision Mean?

Visions are bridges to the future. They are our north stars. Take nothing away from the present, however. Telling people what you currently do can open paths to success. Everyone you knew and every person you’ll meet will be interested in what you do. But somewhere in that conversation should be a vision that matters. As a man, you need a vision for many reasons; the most important are:

1. Vision gives Inspiration: Believe it or not, inspiration is inspired by a vision. By having a solid vision, you gain access to unlimited inspiration and energy. There is a certain drive that comes with having a vision. Why, because it answers the ‘why’ question in regards to your existence. It gives you purpose and as a result, reveals your deepest motivations. If you can align your vision with your everyday life, then success becomes a matter of ‘when.

2. Vision provides Focus: It’s easy to get lost in our world filled with mindless distractions, public opinions and discourse, and social conformity. Having a vision provides mental guidance. A vision allows you to focus on your dreams, whether that’s five or ten years from now. When you have a clear vision, it makes you resistant to pressure from society and allows you to focus on what’s important: your happiness.

Remember, success is relative and happiness is a choice. Your vision will only be realized from the choices you make today. So, how exactly do you develop your own happy place (vision)?

How To Create And Develop A Unique Vision For Yourself

Some men are fortunate enough to have their visions wrapped up during their younger years. Others not so much. The world is full of possibilities, and that’s why many young men get confused about what they actually want to accomplish in life. If you belong to this group of men, then you’ve found your safe place in this article.

Finding a unique vision free from conflicting opinions is not wholly difficult. But you do need to seclude yourself from society for a while. Before you pen down any dreams of yours, first find yourself somewhere inspiring to think of, like a park, a beach, or maybe even a resort on an island somewhere. In other to build yourself you need to spend a lot of time by yourself.

After you have found a safe haven for your thoughts, start by asking yourself “Who am I?”, and “What do I value the most in life?” It’s natural for money to be your first thought, but surely everyone has dreams that supersede money. Think back to when you were a kid. What were your dreams then? Are they still relevant today? Can they still be achievable?

Once you can identify the ‘why’ of your existence, only then can you understand the ‘what; and figure out the ‘how’ of your vision later. That being said, the first steps towards your vision must be very realistic and accomplishable. Set yourself up for success. For your vision to be any of these things, it must be simple, unique, bold, focused, inspiring, aligned, engaging, and beneficial not only to you but to others.

Putting Your Vision Into Action

Having a clear vision is the precursor to achieving your dreams. A super vivid vision is hard to forget. How best to visualize your vision? Put it down on paper, copy them over to sticky notes and keep them visible all the time. And in a world where we have our smartphones in front of us all the time, perhaps make it a wallpaper on your screen. Your vision should be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you think about before going to bed.

How to achieve this? Well, start by placing your personal vision close to your bed. Afterward, place your professional vision around your workspace, whether that is at home or in the office. A visible vision is the best way to stay on track. It helps to prevent distractions and refocuses your energy on the things that matter.

Work on your vision! The only way to achieve this is to do something that benefits your long-term goals. With every new day that passes, ask yourself if you are closer to your goals than you were yesterday. If you are, then you are on the right track.

What Is Your Vision?

Having a clear vision is the secret to true success and happiness. A vision should positively impact those around you. If you could reverse engineer your life, what would matter the most in the final hour? Every successful person in the world started with dreams which then morphed into a vision and finally ended up as a reality. 

So what is your vision?


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