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What You Focus On Grows

What You Focus On Grows

You are what you think. If you focus on positive things, then positivity will grow in your life and your mind will be receptive to positivity. This is the natural law of “attraction”. More than “attracting” something, you are allowing your brain to perceive and be receptive to that something. In this article, we explain why it’s important for men to focus on only the right things; and how this subtle act can affect a big change in your life. Effectively, what you focus on grows.

People stay in jobs that they hate, and many others trap themselves in unfulfilling relationships or marriages because they fear change and choose familiarity. They constantly ask themselves, “Can I get a better job opportunity?”, and/or “Can I find someone better?”. What you should know and understand is that these questions are manifestations of your fears. This is why many people stick to the same unsatisfactory routine because they’ve already convinced themselves that they cannot do it. That is their reality, to be more specific.

One of our favorite quotes comes from someone you might heard of by the name of Albert Einstein. The true definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. And it’s a global problem. Alongside stress, anxiety, fear, and entitlement, this form of insanity is the true pandemic of our civilization.

Why, because society has caged us within an alienated mindset that the opinions of people around us matter the most. We make decisions or act based on people’s judgments of us. But there is a way out of this mindset; you need to be able to put people’s negative projections aside and rewire your brain to your specifications, aspirations, goals, dreams, and objectives. The question you should ask yourself is, are you willing to put time into your next move?

Becoming A Ball Of Positivity

Stop beating yourself up and judging yourself. Life is one big story. All stories have ‘ups’ and ‘downs’; and we all go through chapters. In life, nothing lasts for too long, but negativity can linger forever if you let it and focus on it. Don’t be weighed down by societal pressure, focus on the positive aspect of things instead. Build yourself on gratitude. Gratitude leaves no room for negativity. So if what you focus on grows and gratitude is the foundation of positivity, focus on being grateful for what you do have.

Think about your blessings for a second. You may already have a career that you’re passionate about or a partner that you’re in love with. How do you feel in these moments; don’t you feel good? Wouldn’t it be great to hold on to these feelings every second of your life? That’s what life is; it’s a beam, and everything else lies in the balance. There is no closed framework for what’s right in this world; everyone’s balance is individual.

The rule of existence is simple. The more you focus on the right things, even in uncertain and chaotic times, the more control you have over your life. And it all begins with being grateful which naturally results in positive thinking.

Not Settling For Mediocrity

The truth is; that we aren’t just blessed; we are privileged. You are alive and well, reading this article with a working brain regardless of what you feel you’re going through. That says a lot about the privilege you currently possess. Your life is in your hands. Not many people in the world are this lucky. Yet, the majority of us choose to live in mediocrity. Sure, we’ve all been in that situation but we cannot choose to remain in uncertainty. We all have a choice: Focus on what you can control, knowing that what you focus on grows.

You see, if we are so privileged to be this abundant, why then do we compare ourselves to neighbors or people who live far, far away on different continents? It does not add up at all. We cannot stay idle and watch the world take shape before us. It’s in our hands to do something now if we want to continue living on this planet.

Depending On Yourself

While it’s great to have so many great people around you, you also have to realize that it’s okay to depend on yourself. To succeed in life, you must have the biggest belief in yourself and your worth. You have to keep moving forward, one step at a time, no matter how slow or tough it may seem.

Now and then, life throws us curveballs; situations that seem insurmountable. Just because everything seems doom and gloom now doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels and do nothing. The key is to keep moving, no matter what it takes. Being able to strive forward in daunting times may just be the turning point for you.

Until you realize that the opinions of influencers—distant strangers—mean nothing, only then can you have full control of your life.

Living A Successful Life

The most successful people in life don’t care what others think. They are too busy building their future to bother about public opinion. If you want to live a successful life, every single day of your life should be laser-focused on what you can control. Look, successful people get up early every day, that is a choice they made because it is within their control. Living in a daily consistent timeframe is more than enough to motivate you to reach new heights and start believing in yourself.

If you usually wake up at 8:30, make that 5:30. That gives you an extra 3 hours every day. Time is precious; it’s life’s most precious currency. Use it wisely. It isn’t the money that makes rich people rich, but in how well they’ve utilized their time.

Give it a try today; wake up super early. If you feel uncomfortable, be happy about that. Because you are about to enter uncharted waters that are going to push you to do better.

And at the highest real of success is helping others reach success. Make sure your struggles and pains don’t go to waste. They will be lessons you get to teach others in the future.

Focusing On The Right Thing

Whatever you focus on today extends into tomorrow. Therefore, what you focus on grows. To live a life worth living, avoid negative thoughts; because negative thoughts tend to grow out of proportion. Instead, focus on the right thing. By the right thing, I mean you. Focus on you. You may not know it yet, but you have something special to offer the world.

By focusing on the right things, even in the most troublesome times, you can gain control of your life. You should never dwell on things you cannot control such as the news, media, violence, society, or social media pressure. Rather focus on what you can control and that includes your thinking, your work ethic, and your actions. Life is short; make the best of it today by focusing on what you do want to grow.

What you focus on grows.

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